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Shocking Video Emerges Out of Democrat Stronghold

If you take a look at what is going on in a lot of cities in the United States that are run by liberals, you will quickly see that they are on the cusp of violence at just about any given moment.

While the nation’s focus is locked on Brooklyn Center, in Brooklyn, NY a massive crime spree is underway. According to the NYPD six different Pharmacies in Brooklyn and Queens have been knocked over to the tune of well over $70,000 in drugs and cash in the last month. And it’s only beginning.  In Astoria, Jackson Heights, Williamsburg, Bay Ridge and South Slope the four criminals are on a wild spree and are growing more brazen.The most recent hit was a pharmacy on Broadway in Astoria, Queens.

The Police reported that all of the heists are taking place in the early morning hours and are growing more sophisticated. “In one burglary they managed to steal an entire ATM containing $5,000. In others, they stole prescription pills valued at $27,000 and $30,000.” The suspects have fled in a number of vehicles including an SUV and two different BMW’s suggesting that the criminals are either also car thieves or possess significant means.

According to CBS New York,

“They were looking specifically for controlled medication, nothing else,” said a pharmacy employee. “They didn’t take no money or anything. They just wanted narcotics or controlled substances.”

The employee and her boss said just the attempt to steal from them is heartbreaking.

“It’s terrible because we’re trying to pick up the time we lost because of COVID. So, it’s a selfish thing that they did,” Ashley, the employee, said.

“It’s a little absurd. I think that it’s shocking and we were the ones, as health care professionals, to help the community, and if we’re the ones being target now, it’s a big deal,” her boss, Regina, said.

NBC4 New York reported that “Police say the group returned to Corner Pharmacy, more than two weeks after they first robbed the pharmacy, and got away with another stash of pills.” That’s right these guys are so arrogant they hit the same pharmacy TWICE.

But By All Means ‘Defund The Police’, Its Just The Beginning

This is indeed only the beginning, as more and more Democrat strongholds bow to the demands of Antifa, Democratic-Socialists and Black Lives Matter and defund or completely disband their police forces the crime wave will only worsen. This example is only one of multiple strings of robberies, burglaries, murders, assaults, rapes and other violent crimes that are plaguing what were once the greatest American cities. And should the Biden-Harris regime have their way, its coming to a city near you and your right to defend yourself through the Second Amendment will be gone. And that’s not even mentioning the massive crime waves directly related to the riots.


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