DeSantis Secret Plan Revealed…

Donald Trump has been hitting Governor Ron DeSantis pretty hard as of late.

One of the subjects of his attack is DeSantis shutting down Florida during the early stages of COVID.

Mind you, this was at the suggestion of the Trump administration.

However, that may be the angle that DeSantis takes to drop kick Trump out of the race.

Just Followed Your Orders

When the Trump administration introduced the “15 Days to Slow the Spread,” DeSantis bought in, just like everyone else.

However, about a month into the lockdown, he decided to go the other way.

After looking at the data, DeSantis saw no benefit to keeping his state shutdown, so he reopened before anyone else, and it paid off.

This could be how DeSantis defeats Trump according to Club for Growth President David McIntosh.

McIntosh stated, “It is an edge on Trump. Trump closed down the economy and had economic decline as a result. … Ron can say, ‘No, I looked at the health data … and I said, I’m not going to close things.

“And look at how good it is in Florida.'”

DeSantis has already started to go this route, stating, “When others locked people down, Florida lifted people up.

“Florida followed data and science but refused to make policy decisions based on fear.

“Florida protected jobs, businesses, families, and education, and freedom.”

Republican consultant Brad Todd added, “COVID is one reason why DeSantis is a stronger opponent against Biden than Trump is.

“For Trump, going back to COVID reminds swing voters that he was unpredictable.

“For DeSantis, going back to COVID paints a strong contrast with Biden’s kowtowing to the teachers’ unions and deceptive health bureaucrats.”

This is why I don’t understand the obsession of Democrats to take out Trump because I think he is their only chance for a win.

Perhaps they are buying into early polling that has Biden beating DeSantis, but that is only because DeSantis is still an unknown in some states and he has not formally announced.

Once he puts his hat into the ring, I have no doubt at all that DeSantis can crush Biden.

Source: Washington Examiner

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