Blood Money: Dems Thank You Payments to the Families Who Helped Fuel The Riots

It is Blood Money. The family of George Floyd have been awarded a $27 Million settlement at the taxpayers’ expense by the city of Minneapolis. The announcement came while jury selection is still under way in the trial of former Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin and has “tainted the jury pools” according to Chauvin’s attorney. A number of GoFundMe accounts for Floyd’s family has also raised a combined $13.7 Million. That’s a staggering total of over $40.2 Million going to the Floyd family. That isn’t the worst of it though.  The very worst is that money from this settlement is supporting the lawless, destructive riots that cynical leftists have committed in Floyd’s name.

According to Fox,

“The settlement includes $500,000 for the south Minneapolis neighborhood that includes the 38th and Chicago intersection – an area renamed George Floyd Square in his honor that has devolved into an autonomous zone that’s brought increased violent crime and gang activity to the neighborhood. The city didn’t immediately say how that money would be spent.”

It’s becoming a common thread, a tragic death happens involving police, massive riots and destruction are orchestrated by BLM, Antifa and other domestic terrorist organizations and then settlement money from the taxpayers is extorted to these organizations who in turn support the campaigns and elections of the Democratic party. Its all very tidy isn’t it? By the time the ad-spend influences an election you can’t even see the blood dripping from every dollar. Progressive for-profit lobbyist organization Change.Org was in deep trouble in June when accusations of ‘siphoning’ donations from the George Floyd petition were widely reported after they were outed by former employees on Medium,

“These actions constitute profiting from the death of Black people,” the Medium post reads. “We understand that’s a serious statement to levy, and we don’t take it lightly.”

For an organization that supposedly believes that “Black Lives Matter” they are certainly finding that the tragic loss of a black life is very good for their bottom line.

Breonna Taylor’s Blood Money Funds More Protests

On March 13th Louisville Metro Police tragically killed Breonna Taylor while executing a no-knock warrant on bad intelligence, in September Louisville awarded a $12 Million settlement, in addition more than $6 Million dollars were raised to support Breonna Taylor’s family. That gives Taylor’s mother Tamika Palmer control of over $18 Million as she marches beside the Kentucky Alliance Against Racist & Political Oppression. According to WDRB the Alliance,

“spoke Sunday about the settlement reached between Breonna Taylor’s family and the city, saying that more than 100 days of protests helped move along the talks.

The group addressed, point-by-point, several changes and potential Louisville Metro Police policies shifts that came from the settlement.”

“We don’t think the settlement would have been as significant and would not have included the police reforms,” he said. “As far as the Kentucky Alliance opinion on reforms, we’ll take any kind of incremental or major, significant changes that move the train down the track.”

Additional protests have moved forward on the one-year anniversary of Taylor’s death. Local and national politicians are using her name to bolster their own careers, Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer said on Twitter that Taylor’s death was a “horrible tragedy” and “the loss to her family, friends, and our city is still palpable.”

“Her death resonates still in our city and around the world, underscoring the need to reform systems and act more urgently to advance racial justice and equity,” Fischer said according to NBC.

As cynical as this sounds, the families of these people who were tragically killed due to police actions irrespective of the circumstance have become very wealthy. The Floyd family is now worth approximately $40.2 Million, the survivors of Breonna Taylor: $18 Million and will certainly wield massive political influence in Minnesota and Kentucky for decades to come.

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