FBI Director Refusal Leaves GOP Livid

With the changeover of power in the House, there is a question hanging in the air.

When the reports come out that say that Joe Biden was “the big guy” and that he was involved in Hunter Biden’s business activities, will the DOJ try to say the reports are based on disinformation to discredit them?

Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) wanted FBI Director Wray to answer that question, but he refused.

Not Happening

When Johnson asked Wray to verify the information was legit in a report that he and Senator Grassley (R-IA) published, Wray would not comment.

He stated, “That would be a hard question for me to answer.”

Johnson, who was clearly agitated, shot back, “There is no Russian disinformation.

“That report is completely clean of any interference of foreign influence, although we have been falsely accused, including by the chairman of this committee of spreading Russian disinformation.”

Wray did the same thing when he was before a House committee.

Don’t expect him to change his tune anytime soon because he knows even with the House in their charge, the GOP can do nothing to him.

You know he is under a directive not to admit the information on that laptop is legit.

My guess is that the Hunter Biden investigation will purposely be kept active so they have the excuse they cannot comment on a pending investigation.

Source: Fox News

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