Joe Biden’s List of Attorney General Candidates Should Absolutely TERRIFY You!

Joe Biden has been in government for almost 5 decades and his list for his pick as Attorney General is terrifying. 

Biden the Dinasour in Government

With almost half a century under his belt in governmental manners, his connections are large and show in the list of attorney general candidates he wants.

His reported list for U.S. Attorney General includes several names that would be a complete danger to Americans’ liberties and values.

Top Contenders for Attorney General

The three likely top names on Biden’s shortlist are Andrew Cuomo, Sally Yates and Stacey Abrams.  

According to Breitbart News, the candidates reportedly include:

Andrew Cuomo: The Governor of New York is currently carrying out a crackdown on religious gatherings in New York City, focusing on the Jewish community. He has also relentlessly pursued gun control, while signing into law the most radical pro-abortion law in the United States. During the coronavirus pandemic, he forced nursing homes to accept coronavirus patients without even testing them, likely making the pandemic far worse than it otherwise might have been among New York’s elderly.

Sally Yates: The former Acting Attorney General was fired when she refused to implement President Donald Trump’s travel ban in 2017, arguing that it was unconstitutional — though it was later upheld in court. (She later admitted to the Senate she was not familiar with the relevant law.) She also played a role in the persecution (not “prosecution”) of National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, attending an Oval Office meeting where the Logan Act was allegedly discussed as a way of continuing an investigation into Flynn after FBI agents had already determined he had done nothing wrong. Yates has persistently misrepresented the facts of that investigation — part of a pattern in which she substitutes her own political judgment for objective reality.

Stacey Abrams: Abrams is best known for refusing to accept the results of the 2018 election for governor in Georgia, blaming voter suppression. She is among the most polarizing, partisan figures in America, declaring earlier this year that people who go to Trump rallies “do not care about black lives.” As Attorney General, she would likely evoke the partisan, race-obsessed precedent of Eric Holder, who began his tenure in the Obama-Biden administration by pronouncing America a “nation of cowards” on race.

Conservatives’ Grim Future if Biden Wins

If Joe Biden does in fact win the presidential election and appoints one of the listed as attorney general, conservative Americans have seen nothing yet in terms of the persecution that will be coming their way.

  1. OMG! It just keeps getting worse! Get those votes counted and get Trump elected again. Our country is going down the tube with the idiot democrats at the helm

    OMG! It just keeps getting worse. Get all those illegal votes out and get Trump elected again. Our coutry will go down the tube if the dirty democrats have any power! GOD help us!

  2. Sally Yates has a track record of being a rogue. She was thigh deep in the Flynn fiasco and got caught with her hand in the cookie jar that caused her resignation under threat of being fired. Andrew Cuomo is a loose cannon and has proved it time after time on national TV…the best that can be said of Stacey Abrahams is that she is a ‘useful idiot’ and will toe the party line….until she decides to go rogue which is her propensity.

  3. The person which we should fear most is not who Pedo Joe would pick but who he has already picked. The Ho is who we should fear because if the Democraps CHEATING holds she is the one going into the White House.

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