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Biden Sex Scandal DERAILS Campaign… Game Over

Joe Biden dropped the ball on another promise made to the American people, and this could really cost him.

A recent Wall Street Journal report exposed a very toxic environment in the FDIC, but Biden has not taken action.

This goes directly against his promise to fire anyone who “treated another colleague with disrespect.”

Should Have Been Fired

We are referring to the big FDIC scandal under Biden-appointed FDIC Chairman Martin Gruenberg.

After the report surfaced, an investigation was ordered and was assigned to Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton.

The firm found a history of toxicity in the agency, marred by sexual harassment and other behavior that should have had Gruenberg immediately terminated.

Instead, Gruenberg was permitted to stay on, and he only recently submitted his resignation.

Point being, per Biden’s vow, he should have been terminated the second that investigation was completed, and probably suspended while it was taking place.

Republican strategist Mark R. Weaver explained, “Joe Biden had a chance to take a bold action and show he cares about how women are treated in the workplace and cares about whistleblowers.

“But he cowardly hid behind his press secretary, who completely forgot this pledge that Biden had made to fire anybody who acted in this way.”

Lisa Bloom, a sexual harassment lawyer, was also upset regarding how all this played out, stating, “The conclusion would be and should be that anyone who engages in sexual harassment should be fired.

“Anyone who covers it up should be fired.

“People need to feel comfortable in their workplace, that they’re not going to be sexualized and subjected to pornography.

“When there’s a problem that’s this deep and entrenched there really needs to be a major house cleaning.

“And again, I think that starts at the top, but should filter all the way down.”

Just another big strike against Joe Biden with only five months before the American people decide our next president.

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