Biden’s New Anti Gun ATF Director BUSTED

The Biden-Harris regime since taking power has punctuated it’s control over the Federal Government with nominations and appointments of bureaucrats that are openly hostile to American’s constitutional rights and conservative’s principles. Joe Biden just appointed an unhinged far-leftist, anti-gun, “senior policy advisor and spokesperson for the Giffords gun control organization and Michael Bloomberg’s anti-Second Amendment apparatus” as head of the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms according to

According to Daily Wire, “the administration announced they will nominate David Chipman to serve as Director of the ATF. Chipman worked at Giffords, which advocates for gun bans. CNN called Chipman a “fierce advocate for gun control.” Chipman locked his Twitter account so people cannot see what he has stated publicly, however, a comparison of online archives to his current account appears to show that he has deleted well over 1,000 tweets.”

What Is Biden’s New ATF Puppet/Director Hiding?

So what is Chipman hiding in those deleted tweets and purged reddit feeds? He is a crazed gun-grabbing activist who promoted apologist conspiracy theories about the disastrous Waco, TX massacre of the Branch Davidians? Yup.


Townhall reported that “Chipman worked on the Branch Davidian trial after the government — specifically ATF and FBI — botched a raid in Waco, Texas. Bad decisions made by federal agents ultimately resulted in the deaths of 76 people, including pregnant women and dozens of children.” That’s right, the new head of the ATF has made the assertion that the victims of the WACO siege SHOT DOWN two helicopters using .50 caliber rounds.

According to Fox’s Tucker Carlson,

 “In a Reddit post, David Chipman suggested that people who fail background checks should be arrested on the spot.

‘While at ATF, I conducted studies involving people who failed background checks to determine how many later committed crimes with a gun—many did,’ he wrote. ‘This is a perfect opportunity to arrest people before committing crimes rather than responding after the fact.’

‘Arrest people before committing crimes.’ That’s a new concept in American law, though the Chinese are highly familiar with it.”

Carlson also pointed out Chipman’s outright DANGEROUS disregard for Americans purchasing a firearm to protect their homes during last year’s 180 days of violent BLM/Antifa rioting and crime, comparing them to “Tiger King”. Chipman said,

“They might think that they’re Die Hard, ready to go, but unfortunately they’re more like Tiger King and they’re putting themselves and their family in danger, and so what I would suggest is to those first-time gun owners – I would secure that gun locked and unloaded and hide it behind the cans of tuna and beef jerky stored in a cabinet and only bring that out if the zombies start to appear and I don’t think they are.”

Chipman Is Bought and Paid For By Anti-Gun Lobbyists

Beth Baumann of The Daily Wire did a fantastic rundown on the absolute FORTUNE Chipman has banked in the last decade working for anti-gun lobbyists thanks to the lobbyist registry. In 2013 he made $1.08 million, in 2017 he made $420,000 and in 2018 he made $340,000. That’s right about $1.84 million in public record that this man has banked deliberately undermining our Second Amendment rights. How this isn’t considered an absolutely CRIMINAL conflict of interest is mind boggling.

Baumann called it right,

“Chipman’s gun control activism shows that he lacks a basic understanding of laws that are already on the books. This lack of understanding will result in duplicated laws that do nothing to keep firearms out of the hands of dangerous individuals. Instead, gun control legislation and executive orders will hinder law-abiding gun owners.”

A Match Made In Hell, And A Match About to Be Struck

In short, Chipman is the perfect ideologue to push Biden-Harris out of control gun-grabbing agenda which ol’ Joe stumbled through on national television to the horror of patriots across the country. He detailed that within a month the DoJ would issue a proposed rule change help stop so-called “ghost guns” (weapons purchased piecemeal and assembled by the consumer thus lacking serial numbers), within two months issue another proposed rule which would laughably make any gun with a ‘stabilizing brace’ a short-barreled rifle subject to NFA restrictions and within two months publish model “Red-flag” gun confiscation laws for states legislatures to implement. The final move is mirrored by Senate Bill 7, proposed by Sen. Marco Rubio which would allow for Red-flag confiscation nation-wide, but is likely doomed in the narrowly split Senate (thankfully).

As several states, including Alaska, Arizona, Idaho, Kansas, Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, Texas, push out legislation designed to nullify executive actions from the Biden-Harris regime in general and anti-gun threats to the Second Amendment specifically, the stage is being set: a powder keg has been placed. All it will take is a match, and the man running the ATF was a part of the WACO disaster and later lied about it to justify his actions.,.. we’re in trouble.

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