American Landmark Facing Foreclosure Sale!

It seems that several decades after his death, Elvis Presley is still making news.

It certainly is a testament to the staying power of the singer that anything that remotely has his name attached to it will still be worthy of a mention in the news.

This time it concerns his former home and now museum Graceland.

I’ve been to Graceland a couple of times in my life, once as part of a guided activity when on a business trip years ago, and once with my father for his 75th birthday.

I gotta tell you, when I was little I didn’t get Elvis, but I certainly get it now. Hell, my father turned into a nine year old kid when walking through the King’s former abode.

I don’t think I ever saw the man so excited, we only spent a couple of hours there but he must have spent the entire trip home the next day talking about it.

That being said, it seems that everyone wants to get their hands on the property, either through fair means or foul.

Elvis’ granddaughter Riley Keough has recently taken legal action against a company concerning thee foreclosure of the Graceland property.

The problem lies in with the fact that the company that is facilitating the foreclosure and attempting to force a sale may not actually exist.

According to court documents, Naussany Investments is claiming that Riley’s mother Lisa Marie Presley borrowed a significant amount of money using the property as collateral.

The problem lies in the fact that nobody can find any evidence that Naussany is a legitimate company or even authorized to engaged in such a sale.

The situation is sort of like if you loaned a friend some tools, and then that same friend took the tools to a pawn shop and tried to sell them out from under you.

This is not the first legal fist fight that has taken place over the legendary Graceland property. It wold seem that there are some people that see the place as a cash cow. After all, the museum does attract over a half million visitors a year.

Beyond the upkeep, it is a good bit of almost passive income for anyone who holds the paperwork on the property.

That being said, it’s a shame that this kind of fighting is going on over Graceland.

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