DOJ Admits Kamala Harris Was Not…

When the Senate met to certify the election on January 6, Senator Kamala Harris was allegedly there. Recent reports indicate she wasn’t there all day though. When the barbarian invasion went down, she was conveniently elsewhere.

Harris wasn’t there

The Imperial Ministry of Justice discreetly made some “corrections” to the official record of January 6 about the whereabouts of Senator Kamala Harris during the siege.

Where she really was remains “a mystery.” The admission came out in court that the prosecution lied.

As federal prosecutors admitted in the case of an accused insurrectionist earlier this month, they “incorrectly stated that Vice President-Elect Harris was present in the U.S. Capitol at the time of the attack.”

For the record, she “was not present at that particular time, though she was present earlier in the day and was present later that day.”

That seems to indicate that the special Senator had fore-knowledge that the supposedly Trump inspired insurrection was going to happen.

Merrick Garland read the news and instantly, prosecutors started filing a flurry of “new indictments removing references to Harris being in the building during the riot.”

An intelligence briefing

The intelligence briefing that morning had been on her schedule for a while but the material in it was apparently fresh. All along, the MSM has been reporting the discrepancy but nobody picked up on it until the DOJ started changing the story in court.

Back on January 14, the Washington Post reported Harris “had received an intelligence briefing in the morning and had not returned to the Senate before rioters broke in. She was kept away from the Capitol until the facility was secured.”

There were only two people with protection from Secret Service that fateful day, Harris and Mike Pence. The filings against accused insurrectionists allege “illegal entry into a “restricted” area where someone under Secret Service protection was visiting.”

Pence is accounted for and Kamala is missing in action.

It’s hard for conservative Americans, who are already convinced the whole barbarian invasion was a false-flag event cooked up and executed by the FBI to discredit the deplorable supporters of Once and Future President Donald Trump, once and for all, to believe Kamala Harris wasn’t warned to stay in hiding until the expected violence was over.

She was a lot more valuable to the Deep State than Mike Pence, that’s for sure.

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