Now We Know What They Were Trying to Hide…

We all remember the chaos that the Dominion Voting machines caused in the 2020 Presidential election. For years, many have raised concerns about the voting machine software, with very few objections taken seriously. The American people knew something was questionable about the machines.

Joe Hoft, of The Gateway Pundit, reported in 2022 that an Obama judge had sealed the much anticipated Halderman Report on election voting machines. This raised many concerns about what the federal and Georgia state government was trying to hide. Now we know.

Apparently, Obama Judge Amy Totenberg sealed and covered up the results of an investigation of the Georgia voting machines. While the original Halderman report has still not been released, CISA this week has released a new report showing material discrepancies in these systems. The report tries to downplay these material issues but there is at last some vidnication for the suspicion these machines caused.

Judge Amy Totenberg, who sealed these records, was appointed by Obama and is the sister of NPR’s far-left correspondent Nina Totenberg.

Totenberg has a history of left-leaning activism via the court as she involved herself in the 2018 gubernatorial election and tried to steal the Georgia governor’s race for Democrat Stacey Abrams.

In 2021, the Judge sealed and covered up the results of the Halderman report. There were suspicions of the Dominion machines long before the actual 2020 election. Halderman’s investigation into the machines started as early as 2019 and was completed in July 2021.

J. Alex Halderman, a cybersecurity analyst, was interviewed by Steve Bannon about his concerns over the Dominion machines. He found flaws in Dominion software and warned about the potential for future cyber attacks on the machines via their weakness through poor programming.

Judge Totenberg knew about these weaknesses through the Halderman report and sealed the information from public view. According to court documents, Halderman had been given 12 weeks of access to an unused Dominion ICX voting machine. Professor Halderman wrote his report based on what he found in those 12 weeks.

The professor personally requested that the report be unsealed to be shared with the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA). The CISA is a standalone United States federal agency responsible for our infrastructure, including our voting systems.

The report eventually made it to the security agency and they released their own abbreviated report in 2022. There are some who believe that this CISA, a government agency, released its report in an effort to lessen the true impact of Halderman’s report.

The Halderman Report was released earlier this week. The professor’s analysis confirmed cybersecurity professionals’ worst nightmares: Votes can be altered in the Dominion voting machines. Even worse is the fact, that the Dominion software can be hacked.


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