THIS is What Communism Looks Like and What THEY Do to Citizens

Conservatives are telling AOC, Bernie Sanders, and the rest of the liberal left, “this is what Communism looks like.” Stunning video footage is flooding out of Cuba as the restless natives are rioting in the streets, fed up with the inevitably collapsed economy. The police have reportedly started shooting protesters. The video tweet is being highly censored so it may not load right away.

Communism at it’s finest

Communism works great for a while. Sooner or later people start to figure out that there is no real incentive to do anything, since it all gets handed to you anyway. Once that mindset kicks in, nobody does anything they aren’t forced to do, at the end of a gun. Now that the economy has broken down completely, the regime is forced to start shooting.


Either the peasants will revolt and throw off their oppressors or the party will end up killing all the workers. The thread begins: “ABRO HILO DE VIDEOS DE MANIFESTACIONES EN CUBA NOS ESTÁN CORTANDO EL INTERNET” which translates as “I OPEN THREAD OF VIDEOS OF DEMONSTRATIONS IN CUBA THE INTERNET IS CUTTING US OFF.”

El Presidente, Miguel Diaz-Canel, has crossed a bridge and burned it behind him. “Acaba de declararle la guerra a su propio pueblo,” he “has just declared war on his own people,” one Cuban tweeted. Another added a video to the flood… “Están disparando a los manifestantes! They are shooting at the protesters!” Communism at it’s finest.

News outlets are reporting that the “unrest erupted over the weekend amid the socialist country’s worst financial crisis in decades, with hundreds of demonstrators seen marching and demanding freedom from the government.” The government is trying to blame all that anger on a lack of Covid-19 vaccine shots. They’re rioting because there isn’t any food.


Communism isn’t real popular in Havana this week as people “shout slogans against the government.” Pro-government citizens have been ordered out in the streets to counter-protest and the loyalists are trying to do their part to come to the aid of the party.

Cuba is also trying to blame the U.S. for starting the trouble. “American propaganda fueled the outbursts,” President Diaz-Canel insists. He also calls the widespread demonstrations across at least 7 Cuban cities “limited and isolated.”

The sound of gunfire

El Presidente is relying on the “loyalists to confront the protesters.” Meanwhile he’s not taking any chances so the “sound of gunfire can be heard in a video posted on twitter alleging police in Cuba opened fire on protesters.”

Diaz-Canel admits, this “is why we are calling on all revolutionaries in our country, all Communists, to take to the streets in any of the places where these provocations take place today, from now on, through these days.” If Communism worked so well, why do they need bullets to make people submit to the plan.

Imperial Leader Joe Biden swears up and down that he has nothing to do with the demonstrations but the Palace has officially “expressed support for the demonstrators.”

He personally likes the idea of Communism and hopes to see it here soon. In Miami, where there’s a huge Cuban community, “hundreds” took to the streets in solidarity with those trapped in Cuba.

In Mexico, they aren’t quite a full blown Communism but Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador is an openly declared socialist. He says that there is a simple solution to solving the riots, open Cuba up to capitalism. At least a little bit. If America would lift “its decades-old economic embargo on Cuba” it would solve everything.

Cuban peasants could make some money and actually be able to obtain some food. “The truth is that if one wanted to help Cuba, the first thing that should be done is to suspend the blockade of Cuba as the majority of countries in the world are asking.” If they manage to get rid of the dictatorship, maybe we will reopen trade.

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