Biden Team Raises $18M to Help “Communism”

With the fate of the Senate majority at stake, Biden’s pirate crew just scrounged up a fast $18 million to throw at the special Senate run-off election in Georgia. The sneaky election stealing Democrats get to claim some extra value by not only swaying control of the Senate, they can please Beijing by advancing communism at the same time. After all, it’s only money, anything they spend now will be reimbursed from China later, after they manage to usurp the White House out from under the legitimately elected president, Donald Trump.

Democrats quietly fund communism

Tuesday is the big day in Georgia. That evening, the polls will close and they will start to tally the votes. When and where that tally will end is anybody’s guess.

One thing is certain, though. The whole debacle will chase the national contest right down the same election integrity rabbit hole. Democrat candidates don’t need endorsements to embrace communism, they do that already, on their own.

Throwing gasoline on the fire, a mere two days before the final election day, Joe Biden’s handlers funneled somewhere around $18,000,000 bucks to Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock.

“The money included nearly $6 million in staff and voting data support alongside $12 million in fundraising for both campaigns,” Newsweek reports. The party feels that Joe Biden’s name, and more importantly, his money will turn the tide toward communism.

According to the claims of Jen O’Malley Dillon, Biden’s campaign manager, they don’t need to discuss whether Biden needs to be in the middle of the Georgia race but it’s hard to follow the politispeak.

“We’re not having any conversations about whether there’s a value-add to have the president-elect be a part of this. There is.” She’s supposed to be the new Chief of Staff after they drag Mark Meadows away. The added value is that it will show that Biden fully embraces communism and prove to Xi Jinping that the money he paid to Hunter Biden was well spent.

Forced labor camps

Kamala Harris will do her part for the evil forces of darkness in Savannah, on Sunday. Meanwhile, Joe, his handlers, and their spray bottle will show his face in Atlanta on Monday.

They won’t use the word “communism” because forced labor camps tend to make voters anxious. Instead they’ll talk about all the free stuff they’re going to get.

President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence will be in the state on Monday also, fighting just as hard against the Democrat communism. Trump is scheduled to hold a rally for David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler in Dalton, Georgia.

All four candidates have broken Senate fundraising records. At stake is control of the Senate, so hundreds of millions of dollars were poured into the campaigns to influence the outcome.

There is particular controversy surrounding extreme liberal Jon Ossoff. He may not have been officially endorsed by the Chinese Communist Party, as the fact checkers make everyone well aware, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t been endorsed by followers of communism. He never held a public office but he’s a whiz at raising money.

“That Facebook post was made in 2017,” Associated Press declares, It wasn’t an endorsement, it only “linked to an article from the socialist publication People’s World.” Posting a story “doesn’t constitute an endorsement.” He hasn’t been endorsed by the Communist Party, he’s simply an honorary member, doing anything they suggest.

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