Lindsay Arnold

She Put On A Red Bikini To Show Off Her Favorite Body Part…

We all need to be proud of our bodies and happy with ourselves, but we also have to be happy with the way we adapt when life throws us a curve ball.

For example, I have never had any sort of major surgical procedure. I have had a medical close call that was not as close as I realized until later.

About seven years ago I noticed this lump on the outside of my right hand. I waited like an idiot to go to the hospital until it was causing me severe pain. I get to the emergency room and they tell me I have MRSA.

Now, as some of you might know that is some serious stuff to have to contend with. As the doctor was doing the procedure the next day to clean things up I was told that by the size of things, I had about another week of not doing anything before I would have had to talk about amputating my hand.

I have a tiny little scar there now that you can’t even hardly notice. I love it because it reminds me every day that when something doesn’t look or feel right to do something about it.

This brings me to the case of a young woman named Lindsay Arnold, who first came to national attention on the show Dancing with the Stars.

Recently she posted a photo of herself online in a red bikini.

As everyone knows, whenever you post something online these days it seems that invites criticism of the “why would you do that” variety.

I mean, it’s her damn account, she can post whatever she wants as long as she isn’t breaking laws right? At least that’s how things should be.

Anyway, one of the things that people began jumping on is that in the picture there is a very noticeable C-section scar.

She saw a lot of this incoming cricisim and decided to do something about it. She fired back at the haters, and said that it was her favorite body part.

That it reminded her of the baby girl that she had recently and how blessed her family is to have her daughter.

It just goes to show you that there are some people that will complain about anything, even a good looking woman in a red bikini.

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