Meghan McCain Gets WRECKED

Leave it to the Diva of RINOs everywhere Meghan McCain who like her father before her manages to straddle the line in such as way as to earn enemies on both sides and make precisely zero real friends to ruin something as wonderful as Virginia flipping red with one of the dumbest hot takes you’ve ever seen. The political novice well-known for trading on her father’s name decided to spurn the majority of the Republican party with the flaccid rejoinder “We can win 2024 without Trump”.

The inability of the would-be heiress to a political dynasty to read the room is astonishing and has essentially doomed her to be a bit player in the world of conservative politics, confined to the morning talk-show circuit. As our colleagues at TrendingPolitics rightly assessed it:

“The tweet quickly sparked outrage, with conservatives in the Twitterverse attacking her, her father’s failed attempt at the presidency, her insistence on fracturing the conservative movement at a time where it should have been united over Youngkin’s victory in the Old Dominion, and many other things, often in hilarious or pointed fashion.”


Furthermore, as The Washington Post reported“The entire Youngkin campaign was built around ‘America first’ policies so it meant he didn’t have a lot to prove,” said a person familiar with the conversations who requested anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly. “If you are someone who believes Trump always has to be scorching the earth then you are going to be disappointed. If you are someone who believes that winning is important then you are going to be happy.”

McCain Demolished For Blowing A Chance At Party Unity

So you have the brilliant combination of failure to read the audience and a complete, breath-taking lack of situational awareness. While Youngkin indeed ran on his own ideas and didn’t reference the endorsement of President Trump, he also didn’t denounce it or him. Glenn Youngkin wisely walked a fine line between Trump supporters and his opposition among the Old Dominion GOP, a truly unifying act in what for the GOP truly should be a unifying moment.

It is absolutely possible for Republicans who find President Trump’s personality or antics distasteful to peacefully coinhabit the party with AmericaFirst Republicans as long as they agree on principles. It is completely possible to run on your own merits and pursue your own nuanced path as a conservative and a Republican without clinging to Trump’s coattails, as long as it is done in a respectful fashion. Within the party, we should cheer for each other’s wins, respectfully critique each other’s losses but always do so with the respect of being on the same team. This is where so many like Sens. McCain, Romney, Murkowski, Collins, and Reps. Cheney, Kinzinger, and other RINOs have failed. They forgot Reagan’s 11th commandment long before Trump even hit the debate stage: “Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican.” It’s a notion long dead now, destroyed not by President Trump, but by those who spurned him from day one, he just proved to be much better at it.


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