Defund the DOJ: House Slashes Billion Bucks From Garland’s Budget

Merrick Garland is fuming over a proposal by House Republicans to “slash” the DOJ budget by nearly $1 billion for next year. Congress has been threatening to defund the Just Us Department for a while now, as a way to rein in the illegal “weaponization” being used against conservatives. Garland claims it will simply increase violent crime nationwide because he plans to continue concentrating on preventing Donald Trump from being re-elected.

Defund the DOJ

When Merrick Garland learned of plans to defund the DOJ he threw a news conference on Tuesday. “This effort is unacceptable,” he told press in Cleveland. He was there, on June 25, ostensibly to “mark the opening of a new intelligence center to help state and federal prosecutors combat gun violence.

Garland used the opportunity to speak out against Congressional oversight.

Only hours before, House Republicans unveiled their budget figures for next year. They trimmed DOJ funding to $36.5 billion. Garland can’t live on such a tight budget.

The public has no idea how much the Federal Bureau of Instigation spends on undercover informants embedded with every conservative oriented group in America. Everyone from the Catholic Church to the Daughters of the American Revolution.

The thing which ticks Garland off is the fact Republicans chopped $3 billion off the figure Biden listed for the DOJ budget. Tough, conservatives say. They’re giving him a billion less than last year.

We need to balance the budget somehow, someday and the Just Us Department is low hanging fruit. Budget cuts are indicated simply to cut the funding used for criminal persecutions of Donald Trump.

The public has no idea how much the Federal Bureau of Instigation spends on undercover informants embedded with every conservative oriented group in America.

Save the swamp

Republicans are convinced that the DOJ has been weaponized against everyone on the conservative side of the political spectrum in general but against Donald Trump in particular. That’s because he’s such a threat to the corrupt status quo. Garland is the epitome of a “Deep State” government within a government. He regularly flips Congress the bird, ignores subpoenas and does as he pleases.

Donald Trump can and will put a stop to it, as soon as he gets back in office. Democrats think a criminal record will cost him the election but it’s only making him more of a hero to his deplorable supporters.

Garland helped notorious Manhattan prosecutor Alvin Bragg make a state case out of what should be a federal one. The federal one was never filed because there was no foundation in the first place. While Trump was convicted on 34 felony counts, they’re certain to be overturned on appeal.

Trump also faces charges in Georgia for daring to question the outcome of the 2020 election. In Florida, Jack Smith has been appointed Grand Inquisitor and tasked with burning Trump at the stake for “illegally retaining classified documents.” That’s the same charge the DOJ declined to file against Joe Biden because he’s not competent enough to stand trial.

That’s another issue hanging over Garland’s head which influences the decision to defund the DOJ. When Garland simply refused to comply with a congressional subpoena for the raw audio tapes of Robert Hur’s interview with Joe Biden, they found him in contempt. As soon as he got the criminal referral to prosecute himself, he declined.

Congress already filed civil suit to enforce the subpoena but there’s a really good chance they could also use their “inherent” contempt powers to have him arrested by the House Sargent-at-Arms. They can try him right there in the House and even have him jailed. Dealing with a budget cut is the least of Garland’s problems.

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