Jim Jordan Made Massive Threat Against DOJ

Oversight watchdog extraordinaire Jim Jordan set his sights on defunding the DOJ. Liberals on the left equate that with defunding the police but they’re entirely wrong. The Department of Just Us has gone renegade and their Federal Bureau of Instigation has become nothing more than a domestic secret police, weaponized against the citizens the department is meant to protect.

DOJ soon defunct

Fiercely conservative lawmaker Jim Jordan, representing the voters of Ohio, “vowed to defund the federal police.” That means the DOJ and all the agencies they oversee including the FBI, ATF, CIA, ICE, Secret Service and U.S. Marshals Service.

Newsweek blames the move on the indictment of once and future president Donald Trump but that’s Democrat disinformation. The chairman of the House Judiciary Committee visited with Fox News on Sunday to set the record straight.

Republicans, Jordan promises, “will look into defunding the agencies responsible for investigating Trump.” Not just now but all the way back to 2015. The DOJ has been persecuting Trump and every one of his allies since the day he first announced his intention to run for 2016, This latest indictment was “voted for last week by a Manhattan grand jury.

What was really a common thing in the legal world, and entirely handled by Trump’s lawyer, is being “trumped up” into something Democrats can use to help rig the 2024 election. The state AG is trying to prosecute what should be a federal crime. The big problem is the feds already decided no crime had been committed, so declined to prosecute. This latest move is purely political theater and everyone in America can see it.

Merrick Garland thinks he can thumb his nose at congressional subpoenas but that’s not the only leverage conservatives have, now that they’ve retaken the House majority. “We control the power of the purse,” Jordan explains.

That means they’re “going to have to look at the appropriation process and limit funds going to some of these agencies, particularly the ones who are engaged in the most egregious behavior.” The DOJ is in deep sh!t.

Weaponization of government

Jordan also heads up a new congressional subcommittee. One dedicated to rooting out the “weaponization” of government. Jordan spelled it out for Fox viewers that the DOJ and FBI won’t be getting a budget for partisan political fishing trips and vendettas.

On top of that, “what I’d really like, frankly, I’d really like for the government to stay out of the election process.” Americans have lost all faith in what used to be called election integrity.

Democrats ignore what he actually had to say and claim he hypocritically wants to “defund the police.” That’s not true. Jordan made it clear since George Floyd was murdered in 2020 that while police reforms are needed, including better community oversight, we need more local enforcement of laws, not less.

Prosecutors need to hold up their end and get convictions but most of them were elected with the help of George Soros, so work as hard as they can to set every criminal free as quickly as possible. Their entire goal is to empty all the prisons. Meanwhile, law abiding citizens pay the price. Often with their lives. The DOJ is an entirely different problem.

The FBI and it’s overseers in the Just Us Department have been “turned against the very same people they are supposed to serve.” Jordan isn’t alone in criticism of the Deep State government within a government which seems to be running things from the foul smelling cess pit of Washington’s “swamp.” Georgia lawmaker Marjorie Taylor Greene also called for “defunding some of these bad agencies” like the “FBI and DOJ.” She won’t “vote for legislation to fund the government unless these agencies’ funds are cut.

She’s made up her mind. “I will NOT vote for a budget that funds the two tiered justice system in America. The Democrat controlled DOJ and FBI top brass are political and have weaponized their power against the right to persecute everyone with conservative values and aligned with Trump, but refuses to prosecute the left for their crimes.” Pull their cash. “The Republican controlled budget must defund the two-tiered justice system and reign in the politically weaponized DOJ and FBI, or I will not vote for it.

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