Trey Gowdy Finally Emerges, Drops Brutal Bomb on GOP

Former US Congressman from South Carolina and Fox News Correspondent Trey Gowdy appeared this week with Dana Perino, his bomb drop commentary was stunning. Perino asked Gowdy for what he sees as the bigger picture for republicans since he left office. Gowdy said,

“I think voters want to hear: What do we believe? Why do we believe it? I mean I’m not naïve. Tom is right. Part of politics is saying: “You need us to stop the other side’s bad ideas.” But at a certain point you may win. You might actually get what you want and be given the right to govern. So, what do you believe? Why do you believe it? And do you believe it enough that you’re willing to hold those positions inviolate even if it means: temporarily losing races. That’s my challenge for the party. If you wanted to stump me with a question: Ask me what the modern republican party believes, with consistency, cycle after cycle. And then ask me: Who those defining voices are?”

Then Gowdy started dropping truth bomb after truth bomb.

Obamacare Repeal Was Just a “fundraising gimmick”

“What you do in a courtroom, is you under-promise and then overperform. What you do in politics, and this is what leads to the anger, you tell people ridiculous things like “We’re going to repeal Obamacare!” even though President Obama has to sign that bill. That was never going to happen, that was a fundraising gimmick, but everybody out in mainstream America didn’t get the joke. Those on Capitol Hill we knew that it was a fundraising gimmick. But people believed it was going to happen.”

Pence Rejecting the Electoral Votes was not “realistic”

And then he let fly the stunner that left Fox News’ Dana Perino almost speechless,

“The Electoral College: Who in the hell really thinks that Mike Pence is going to say “You know what, I hereby declare that President Trump is the winner.”? He doesn’t have the power to do that! And to suggest otherwise is doing a real disservice to your fellow Americans.”

“So, set realistic expectations. God forbid, set them lower than what you’re planning to meet. That’s what leads to anger: when you tell people you’re going to do this and you don’t come anywhere close to doing it.”

Gowdy seems to have come to the conclusion that members of Congress and “most of the voices in the conservative movement [who] have never held political office before” are setting unrealistic expectations with the American  people which elected officials milk for easy fundraising money. That’s why the American people are Angry.

While the capacity of the Vice President to reject Electoral College votes is still debatable in spite of Gowdy and Pence’s rejection of that notion, the former Congressman could be right. The Republican party is reaping the whirlwind they’ve sown, through overpromising and under-delivering to their constituents for decades.

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