Melania Trump

Melania Trump is Gone… She’s OUT

What is going on with Melania Trump?

This has almost turned into a “Where’s Waldo” type of narrative at this point.

Melania was shockingly missing from the presidential debate last night, and this has spurned a whole new wave of rumors.


Going back to Donald Trump’s trials, Melania has not been at a single one of them.

She has only been at three fundraising events, two of which she was the featured speaker.

Most were expecting her to start showing up on the campaign trail, but that has not yet happened.

Even so, it just seemed a given that she would be there for the debate, but Trump only had staffers there.

When a reporter from CNN noted that Melania was not present, Trump’s campaign got snippy.

It responded, “CNN reporter arrives in Atlanta for the debate and is not accompanied by a spouse or partner. SAD!”

This comes after a report that surfaced earlier in the week that Melania may not be living at the White House full-time if Donald Trump wins the election.

Now, we already know that Melania does not like DC, but to live separately from Trump, it is almost as though they are nothing more than roommates, and she is just riding this out for appearance purposes.

I don’t want to speculate too much because I honestly like Melania Trump, but if there are marital problems, this is just a bump in the road that nobody anticipated for Trump.

Let’s just hope this is just a rumor and that if Trump wins this election, we see Melania back on the trail and in the White House.

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