Breaking: Downtown D.C. Completely Taken Over

The Middle Eastern conflict only continues to escalate, and it’s effects are being felt across the entire world. On Saturday afternoon, November 4, tens of thousands of pro-Palestine supporters were seeing marching through the streets of downtown Washington D.C. with a unified call for an immediate ceasefire.

This demonstration, organized by the ANSWER Coalition, saw Muslim men engaged in Islamic prayer in Freedom Plaza as part of their show of support for the Palestinian people.

According to the organization, the primary objective behind this demonstration was to support freedom for Palestine and to demand an end to what Walter Smolarek, media coordinator for ANSWER Coalition, deemed “the massacre of civilians in Gaza”.

The protestors were also calling for an end to what they considered “constant bombardments”, “imprisonment” and “harassment” inflicted upon the Palestinians due to Israeli occupation of their land.

Smolarek was quoted saying, “We’re here to say we support freedom for Palestine. We’re here to demand a cease-fire now. We demand an end to the massacre of civilians in Gaza. We’re gathered here because we believe that the Palestinian people have the right to live in freedom, have the right to live in peace and without being subjected to constant bombardments, to constant imprisonment, harassment, the occupation of their land.”

Tens of thousands of protesters were seen taking complete control over the Freedom Plaza chanting “We don’t want no two-state, we want ’48!”

While one could argue these protests appeared peaceful at face value, it is important for us as Americans to recognize that this incident can be seen as aggressive towards both our nation and Israel.

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