Garland and Wray Freaking Out…Congress Has the Power

Conservative lawmaker Jim Jordan popped into Fox News studios to tell the public a little about how Congress actually has power to hold over the heads of Merrick Garland and Christopher Wray. Besides subpoenas and a Supreme Court to have them enforced, along with contempt of Congress charges, the House has the “power of the purse.” They might end up defunding the FBI right out of existence to start over from scratch.

Congress has the power

Conservatives in Congress have already been “laying the foundation to restrict funding to the FBI.” Since everybody knows that the last thing the Just Us Department and Biden regime will do is cooperate with their oversight probes, Jim Jordan explained to the public that House Republicans are already moving forward.

He’s in charge of the brand new committee investigating “weaponization” of the federal government.

Jordan also heads up the House Judiciary Committee. Republicans on that Congress panel are already kicking around how they can use the “power of the purse” against the Federal Bureau of Instigation and their DOJ overseers.

At least one of the panels’ probes will “look into whether there is a difference in how the FBI investigates those who are anti-abortion compared to those who protested the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.” That’s only one issue.

We’re going to look to propose legislation and in the end, the real power of Congress, the real power of the legislative branch is the power of the purse.” Jordan isn’t afraid to use it.

And we’re going to have to use that both on this issue where we think the government’s been targeting the very people it’s supposed to serve. But also, frankly, on the border.” That’s another sensitive issue and the Department of Homeland Security might find themselves defunded right out from under Alejandro Mayorkas, even before they impeach him.

Anger focused on FBI

Every Republican in Congress seems to have their anger laser focused on the FBI. Ever since the obviously partisan raid on President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate and seat of government in exile.

Along with Jordan, James Comer and others, Georgia’s Marjorie Taylor Greene has been howling to “defund the agency.

The weaponization subcommittee had their first hearing in February so Congress could “investigate the alleged targeting of conservatives orchestrated by federal government.

Democrats have been screaming about it ever since and doing their best to debunk the testimony coming out. Meanwhile, the network media continues to censor any mention of conservative progress from the news reports.

Concentrating on just the issue of abortion, Jordan described how former FBI agent Garret O’Boyle told Congress that when SCOTUS flipped Roe v. Wade into the trash, the bureau “created a threat tag.

The only problem was that it became the tag of choice for “pro-life” adherents, like Catholics. He already sent out a stack of subpoenas over that.

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