Major Blue City Ranks #1 in Most CORRUPT City in the USA

A new university report unsurprisingly ranks the indigo blue city of Chicago, Illinois as “the most corrupt city” in America. Mayor Lori Lightfoot and her wife are hiding from the cameras. They had the top spot last year too.

The most corrupt city

A report which just out from the University of Illinois has some nasty things to say about their home state. Not only is Chicago the single most corrupt city in America, the state of Illinois is ranked as the third most dishonest state in the country. Conservatives aren’t surprised one bit.

To come to that conclusion, the college relied on data from the justice department, which looked at convictions of public officials from 1976 to 2019. No wonder Lightfoot is in hiding.

During the time studied, “Chicago had nearly 1800 convictions.” The government there is so corrupt the volume of their crimes edged out Los Angeles and New York. Those second and third place winners are also Imperialist controlled.

The study was performed by Professor Dick Simpson with help from Marco Rosaire Rossi and Thomas J. Gradel. They point out that 2019 was a rough year and Lightfoot is happy that 2020 numbers aren’t in there yet.

Federal statistics reflect 26 corrupt officials were convicted in total “in the Chicago-based Northern District, and an additional six were recorded across the state in 2019.”

According to the authors, “The statistics do not completely reflect it, but 2019 was a highly explosive year, during which some of the most important political corruption in the history of Chicago and Illinois was exposed.” Because a lot of cases are still pending, “statistics for 2019 did not come close to capturing the significance of that year’s corruption events.”

Bombshells exploding in the news

Bombshell reports of corrupt officials were exploding in the news all through 2019 that “dethroned the city’s most powerful alderman, upset Chicago’s mayoral election campaign, torpedoed the most powerful and well-known candidate, and threatened the political existence of Speaker of the Illinois House of Representatives and Chairman of the State Democratic Party, Michael Madigan.”

It started in January. That’s when “the FBI filed a federal complaint charging longtime Alderman Ed Burke (14th) and then-chairman of the powerful Finance Committee with attempted extortion.”

Alderman Danny Solis was found to be corrupt later that same month. He used to be chairman of the powerful zoning committee. He was also a rat who “wore a wire for the feds, recording Burke over a two-year period.” He turned traitor in order to weasel out of his own charges.

“He was pressured to do so after he was confront by the feds about his own alleged wrongdoing. The feds alleged Solis received sex acts at massage parlors, the erectile dysfunction drug Viagra and campaign contributions in exchange for ushering deals through City Council.”

The local news was full of another scandal when corrupt House Speaker Michael Madigan was secretly recorded by the FBI “trying to get business for his law firm from a developer brought to him by Alderman Solis.” Madigan was cleared. The report says he “has not been charged” and he confirms that he is not under investigation.

Add on top of those a March sexual harassment lawsuit against “the Democratic Party of Illinois, the Democratic Majority, the 13th Ward Democratic Organization, and Friends of Michael J. Madigan.” Kevin Quinn, “a Madigan aide and brother of Alderman Marty Quinn” sent her “a barrage of unwanted messages and phone calls in pursuit of a romantic and sexual relationship.” In May, Proco “Joe” Moreno “was arrested on felony charges of insurance fraud and obstruction of justice.” Then in June, Carrie Austin’s office was raided and Willie Cochran pleaded guilty to federal fraud charges.

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