Russia Deploys Massive Nuclear Sub

Russia’s Belgorod nuclear submarine has reportedly left its base in the Arctic circle, creating a stir of speculation around the mission of the sub, and its destination.

According to the Italian newspaper La Repubblica, the submarine Belgorod measuring more than 600 feet in size, the largest submarine on the planet.

The sub is capable of bearing so-called “doomsday” a Poseidon nuclear torpedo drone, according to Russia, it can cause 1,600-foot tidal waves. that would flood coastal cities from hundreds of miles away and render them unlivable for decades.

The sub Belgorod, which only entered in the Russian navy’s service in July, is regarded as “the epitome of a new concept of warfare,” and Poseidon is known as the “weapon of the apocalypse,” as reported by The New York Post.

“This nuclear ‘mega torpedo’ is unique in the history of the world,” Submarine expert H.I. Sutton wrote on his  Covert Shores.

“Poseidon is a completely new category of weapon. It will reshape naval planning in both Russia and the West, leading to new requirements and new counter-weapons,” he added.

NATO intelligence supposedly thinks that the innovative submarine, officially called K-329 Belgorod, is still in the Arctic waters and could be en route to the Kara Sea, off the shore of Russia’s Novaya Zemlya island, to conduct a series of secretive tests.

Hans Christensen, director of the Information Project at the Federation of American Scientists, reportedly argued that Poseidon torpedoes are still in the growth phase and will not be functional for at least several years.

The Daily Mail reported that military hardware belonging to the 12th Main Directorate of the Russian Ministry of Defense has been spotted on the move.

A series of BPM-97 armored personnel carriers (APCs) and other military vehicles were observed traversing central Russia according to a video clip posted on Telegram by pro-Russian channel Rybar.

The launch of the nuclear convoy video clip and the revelations regarding the Belgorod sub activity come after Putin made a series of thinly veiled threats to utilize nuclear weapons in the war, which has actually been going increasingly badly for Moscow’s battered military.

Joe Biden’s National security adviser Jake Sullivan and Secretary of State Antony Blinken answered Putin’s comments by warning Russia of “catastrophic” repercussions if it were to deploy nuclear weapons.

Putin accused the United States of developing a “precedent” for the use of nuclear weapons when it bombed Japan during the second world war.

Biden replied quixotically that the United States and its NATO allies are “fully prepared” to “defend every single inch for NATO territory,” despite Ukraine not being a NATO member and its membership proceedings being seemingly stalled.

H/T The New York Post

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