China Loving Fraudster Fauci Wants More MANDATES

Disgraced Dr. Anthony Fauci has become known as a dictator who has close ties with China and the Wuhan lab where it is suspected the COVID virus came from.

Fauci With More Mandates

Fauci is President Joe Biden’s chief medical adviser who has strongly pushed for more mandates and less freedom for the American people. Instead of advising, the doctor more often uses threats and dictator-like actions to demand the American people bow down to his mandates.

The “medical advisor” is known for fighting against the GOP and anyone who wants the freedom to choose what to do with their lives. Recently, Fauci said there need to be more mandates on a local level.


“I have been of this opinion, and I remain of that opinion that I do believe at the local level, Jake, there should be more mandates,” Fauci, said on CNN’s State of the Union. “There really should be. We’re talking about [a] life-and-death situation. We’ve lost 600,000 Americans already, and we’re still losing more people.”

More China Ties Keep Coming to Light

Even though he has strong ties to the United State’s enemy country, China, and also has a relationship with the Wuhan lab, he is the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

With approval by the Food and Drug Administration likely to occur in the near future, Fauci threatened that this would create a reason to demand “a lot more mandates” locally.


Threats Against the American People

“This is serious business, so I am in favor of that,” he threatened. “You know, one of the things that will happen, and I think the hesitancy at the local level of doing mandates is because the vaccines have not been officially, fully approved, but people need to understand that the amount of data right now that shows a high degree of effectiveness and a high degree of safety is more than we’ve ever seen with emergency use authorization.”

Fauci also discussed how he was horrified by conservatives’ hesitancy to take the experimental COVID jab. Time will tell whether the government wins in completely stripping bodily freedoms from Americans or if the people will regain control of their lives.

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