America Hating Squad Member Rashida Tlaib Does the Unthinkable [LOOK]

We’ve already known for some time now that the Squad members are beyond sick and demented. But they’ve taken that to a whole new level in light of the Israel-Hamas conflict.

Recently, reports have circulated of gangs of terrorists pillaging Israeli neighborhoods, gunning down families and beheading scores of infants just hours after their initial invasion. In response to these atrocities, Fox News reporter Hillary Vaughn questioned Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) about her alleged support for Hamas during this time.

However, Rep. Tlaib refused to answer the multiple inquiries and instead retreated behind her portly aide before running into an elevator out of sight.

Though fellow progressive Squad member Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) has called Israel’s responses “war crimes” drawing criticism from both sides of the political spectrum, President Joe Biden has promised all aid the U.S can deliver as it battles against Hamas while illuminating White House in blue and white lights to show solidarity with Israel.

Despite this action from the White House, some have suggested that a $6 billion transfer authorized by President Biden may partially have funded the latest attack on Israel leading to further debate about how contested the designation has become regarding progressives’ support for Palestinians.

In light of recent events surrounding Hamas and their violent attacks on innocent people in Israel, many are questioning why progressives like Reps Tlaib and Omar continue to stand behind them despite knowledge of such atrocities occurring under their rule?

On one hand, they recognize the suffering Palestinians experience living in an apartheid system which creates suffocating conditions. Yet they refuse to acknowledge that their actions are not justified or excusable because they do not reflect peace or freedom but rather terroristic behavior targeting innocent people, specifically children who were beheaded or burned alive by these terrorist gangs supported by Hamas.

It is evident that more needs to be done by those claiming to represent progressive values.

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