Husband Abandons His Pregnant Wife, Then Weeks Later She Makes Shocking Discovery in Oven

A woman and her husband were able to finally conceive a baby after years of trying. However, sadly the woman’s celebrations were short-lived when her husband up and left her 8 months into the pregnancy. Weeks later, she makes a shocking discovery in the oven.

Desperate to assist her friend through this difficult situation, Anna wrote a letter to KIIS 1065 in hopes of getting Amanda an appearance on the station’s “give back” segment. Unbeknownst to Amanda, it worked.

When she was invited onto the show at 36 weeks pregnant, she thought she would merely be sharing her story until it became evident that it was part of the “give back” segment.

Amanda shared with listeners how two years and all of their money had been spent renovating their home in anticipation for a better year ahead – one that never came as a result of her husband leaving her five weeks prior. She spoke about being blindsided by his absence and how challenging it was for her to manage financially alone while expecting a baby.

The hosts wanted to help this expectant mom get through this difficult time so they took steps towards doing just that during the show itself – without letting Amanda know what they were up to.

The hostess asked Amanda to look at the screen behind them as they began taking what seemed like a virtual tour through the house only for Amanda to spot something unexpected – a vacuum cleaner sponsored by Scrubb Online Cleaning Service located inside the front door.

This meant that cleaning services would be taken care of for half a year giving Amanda one less thing to worry about during this challenging time raising an infant on her own. As if that weren’t enough, Eat Fit Foods agreed to deliver fresh meals daily for three months alleviating yet another burden from single motherhood off of Amanda’s shoulders.

Another stack full of baby gear (a stroller, car seat change table and baby monitor) donated by Baby Village worth $4,000 sat atop the kitchen table along with $1k voucher toward newborn photography.

But there was still more waiting for the pregnant mom abandoned by her husband; Middlesex Academy Learning Centre generously gifted $10k towards helping pay for mortgage payments over six months allowing the new mom-to-be to stay in her house despite financial strain brought on by abandonment from partner.

Upon seeing all these gifts stacked up inside oven ,the contest winner exclaimed ,”I can’t tell you how much this means to me…this means I don’t have to move!” What an inspiring moment indeed.

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