Watch Tucker Carlson Devastate The Pelosi Narrative in Seconds…

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson dropped the bomb on the narrative emerging from the mainstream media about Paul Pelosi’s attacker David DaPape.

During his Oct. 31 broadcast, Carlson laid out the case against the mainstream media’s depiction of DePape as being a ‘far-right‘, QAnon extremist. As Benny Johnson tweeted, the entire takedown took about 47 seconds.

Carlson explained to his audience, “Apparently, DePape was camping full-time in a dilapidated Ken-Kesey-style school bus, complete with a gay pride flag out front and a sign that reads ‘Berkeley Stands Against Hate.’ Behind the bus hangs a BLM banner. Politically, this picture could not be clearer. You know where this guy stands.”

“But Shellenberger and others kept digging. They found that DePape was, in fact, well known in the area, in the entire Bay Area, as a hallucinogenic drug enthusiast and a semiprofessional nudist. He often appeared at nudist theme events. Does David DePape have a prior criminal history? That’s an obvious question and perhaps a relevant one. But we can’t answer it because, once again, authorities in San Francisco have refused to tell us or anyone else.”

But that was just the tee-up for the grand slam. In his typical style Carlson let it fly. “Oh, and there’s one other highly unsurprising thing about David DePape. He’s also an illegal alien. Today, Fox’s Bill Melugin learned that DePape, who was originally from Canada, has long overstayed his visa, so he is currently in this country illegally.”

Only to land the knock-down blow moment later.

“So, to restate, the perpetrator in this violent crime against Paul Pelosi is a mentally ill, drug addicted illegal alien nudist who takes hallucinogens and lives in a hippie school bus in Berkeley with a BLM banner and a pride flag out front. Take those uncontested facts and let them rattle around your brain for a moment until a recognizable pattern emerges. What does this sound like to you? If you guessed, this is obviously a textbook case of homegrown right-wing extremism, well, then, obviously, you’ve been watching a lot of cable news today.”

It was like a classic line from Peter Falk’s iconic role as Lieutenant Columbo, and equally devastating.

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