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Liberals Question Fairness of Mail-In Ballots When They Dislike the Results

Alleging voter fraud associated with mail-in ballots is a dangerous far-right conspiracy theory in the United States, but in an election that has a disappointing result for liberals those mail-in ballots suddenly become problematic. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán won a crushing victory in the country’s April 3 parliamentary elections, but liberals abroad are doing everything they possibly can to invalidate that victory by implying that it was somehow stolen or manipulated.

Mail-in ballots, voter ID now suspect

One of the main points being made against the fairness of the election is the fact that Hungary allows mail-in ballots without requiring photo ID to obtain them.

This is a very valid point, but if the mainstream media admits that this is a legitimate concern in Hungary, why can’t it be a legitimate concern in Pennsylvania and Michigan?

The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe deployed a comprehensive monitoring mission to Hungary for the election, a very aggressive move for an election in a European Union member state.

Despite this, and despite their strong desire to find proof of fraud, the mission concluded that voters in Hungary were given real options and that the election was not rigged against the opposition.

They did declare that it may be problematic that the vast majority of the mainstream media in Hungary is friendly to Orbán and is owned by a relatively small group.

They also said that, while this gave Orbán an advantage, his opponents had free access to friendly media outlets that had large audiences and were not suppressed or restricted.

What about other elections?

Mail-in ballots, no photo ID requirement, and a preponderance of biased media outlets owned by a small cohort of wealthy individuals: is this Hungary or is it the United States?

If these things are enough to warrant suggestions of a stolen election in Hungary then why can they not possibly be suggested as a source of potential voter fraud in another country?

Assuming that liberal use of mail-in ballots is by default a reason to suspect fraud, the only thing that exempts  the United States from the same allegations is the assumption that it cannot happen here.

Unless one seriously wants to argue that American politicians are inherently more honest and virtuous than politicians anywhere else, the allegations directed against Orbán in Hungary deserve to be reflected back to the United States.

The difference primarily is that the Hungarian prime minister is widely loathed by liberals, and the idea that the democratic process might fairly reelect him makes them extremely uncomfortable.

Joe Biden was supposed to defeat Donald Trump. If there was anything suspicious with the mail-in ballots in 2020 it could be safely disregarded; democracy was being “fortified.” These things only become problematic when democracy chooses the wrong leader.

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