Lindsey Graham: QAnon is Bat Sh*t Crazy

Senator Lindsey Graham did not hold back on his opinions regarding QAnon by calling it a conspiracy theory that is “very much a threat.”

Graham Versus QAnon

QAnon is growing in its popularity with Republicans and notable politicians, such as Taylor Greene who is probably going to be in the House, are supporters of the movement.

According to the New York Post, Greene called the theory “something worth listening to and paying attention to.”

The controversial theory claims that some in the Democrat Party are involved with pedophilia and other disturbing actions. It also has theories about the Deep State’s involvement with unjustifiably trying to hinder and remover President Donald Trump.

Senator Says Theory Causes Violence

Graham had lots to say on the issue and told Vanity Fair that the claims of QAnon are “crazy stuff” that is “inspiring people to violence.”

I think it is a platform that plays off people’s fears, that compels them to do things they normally wouldn’t do. And it’s very much a threat,” Graham continued.


Twitter is removing posts involving anything to do with QAnon which has many conservatives who are not even on the theory’s bandwagon concerned about the severe censorship of free speech. Graham however does not seem at all concerned about silencing sides he disagrees with.

Some were quick to call out the senator over his comments.

“I would like to remove Section 230 liability. That if you’re going to have a social media site like QAnon or anything else, you spread this stuff at your own peril,” he stated.

Conspiracy Theory or Possible Truth? You Decide

Years ago when Pizza Gate first started making waves, some Republicans were speaking out against pedophilia in the elite circle. In turn, these people were called crazy conspiracy theorists. Fast forward to modern-day with Jeffrey Epstein secrets unveiled and an elite ring of pedophilia exposed, the “conspiracy theorists” were proved correct in their claims.

“So when this guy went into the pizza restaurant in Washington because they alleged that Hillary Clinton was running a pedophile ring out of a pizza place in Washington. This guy took it seriously, went in with an AR-15 and started shooting up the place. Thank God nobody got killed. But the pizza owner under my theory could sue QAnon for passing along garbage. That’s a pretty dramatic step.”

Trump Weighs In

President Trump has appeared to stay very moderate when it comes to voicing his opinions regarding the theory.

“Well, I didn’t know much about the movement, other than that I understand they like me very, which I appreciate, but I don’t know much about the movement. I have heard that it is gaining in popularity,” Trump said this month.

This sent the left in an uproar and that is when Twitter’s censorship on the subject accelerated.

The QAnon theory has many split over their complete disavowing of the matter or the growing support that has been happening. In Graham’s case, there is no need to guess where he lands on the issue.

  1. IIRC, Qanon started as a college prank by some Harvard computer students, but when it started collecting real lunatics — who injected the theory about green reptilian aliens secretly funding the Democrats — the students distanced themselves from it very quickly.

  2. Lindsey is a turd and a threat to everything decent. My guess is that he’s knee-deep in the dark world being discussed here. Sickening creep covering for sick creeps.

  3. Senator Lindsey Graham: Fence sitting RINO, obfuscater, incapable of any type of follow through, famous for cheap talk and no action….now Senator Graham suddenly speaks out against “Q” Anon?
    Conclusion: Senator Graham is worried about something he in no ways can control. Q Anon must be very real and not crazy at all….
    Anyone ever wonder what happened to those thousand or so Patriots Obama cashiered from the Military…and the Pentagon…the DHS, and the NSA?
    “Q” Anon knows.

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