Video: Michelle Malkin and Other Conservatives Attacked At Denver Back the Blue Rally

A violent mob of ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter thugs attacked a pro-police rally in Denver and assaulted conservatives who were gathered to back law enforcement. Michelle Malkin, a conservative columnist and commentator, was among those who were lending their support of “Backing the Blue” when she was attacked by rioters who took over the initially peaceful rally.

Attack Caught on Video

Malkin live-streamed the incident on Twitter Sunday afternoon and the video shows a harrowing tale of everyday Americans being brutalized for civilly standing up for their rights.

Even though Colorado citizens were there to support police, the officers sat back and watched the violent mob swarm the peaceful demonstrators.

“Are you ok with pro-police patriots being swarmed, targeted and assaulted in a clearly orchestrated attack??? I caught it all on video and recorded the faces of the brutal animals,” Malkin wrote.

Malkin and Others Attacked by BLM

Pro Police Rally Colorado attempted to put on a three-hour-long permitted event at the Civic Center Park in Denver.

“We’ve got to stand with our men and women in law enforcement. Without them, we are in chaos and anarchy,” the founder, Ron MacLachlan, told Denver7.

Colorado Governor Jared Polis has sat by and allowed vandals to destroy the area around the Centennial states Capitol. Obscenities against “white people” and police officers are graffitied around the outside of the Capitol building. Bullet holes permeate the now boarded windows of downtown Denver. 

“There’s graffiti everywhere, they’re tearing down stuff and burning places down,” said Michael Rusher, a pro-police supporter. “The mayors need to give the police the support they need. The governors need to give police the support and we need to back Donald Trump.”

Police Chief Backs Mob

Denver Police Chief Paul Pazen has been chummy with Black Lives Matter rioters and was in disagreement about the pro-law enforcement gathering. 

Randy Corporon, an attorney who helped put on the event, discussed how Pazen told him to move the gathering. 

“He was agitated that we’re going to get his officers hurt,” Corporon told the Denver Post. “My response to him was that he should allow his officers to do their job and if people are down there, breaking the law, to stop them. Because they’ll have nothing to fear from us.”

“We’re exercising our constitutional right to peacefully assemble, and we have no intention of giving up that ground to these domestic terrorists,” he continued. “This chief of police is the guy who walked hand-in-hand with Black Lives Matter.”

Violence Descends on Denver

As the thugs descended, the peaceful gathering turned into a bloodbath with physical violence ensuing. Malkin made it out without serious physical injuries, but other citizens weren’t as lucky.

The lives of everyday Coloradoans are being harmed by the liberal leadership in the Centennial State. As rioters continue to wreak havoc across the Denver city, conservative voices are being trampled down by force. The police chief and governor have made it very clear that their efforts to protect the people of Colorado do not include conservatives’ lives.

  1. BLM is a racist hate group. Is time for everyone to carry now. No longer safe anywhere with these terrorists.

  2. The Democrats hate Trump so much that they are willing to condone anarchy in the faint hope that it will aid in the removal or Trump. If this continues an the rioters won’t listen to reason, we have no choice but to shoot at them to break the hold they have on the Democrats and our cities that are in need of rebuilding after the chaos. Te Democrats have nothing going for them except BLM and Antifa but these two groups aren’t going to help-law and order support and enforcement are the only two things that will help to allow our country to fracture will only drive more voters into Trump’s camp and we thank them for their efforts to keep Trump in office in 2010!

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