Beto Claims Texas GOP is a ‘Death Cult’

Democrat Rep. Beto O’Rourke called Texas’ GOP a “death cult” in response to leaders’ positions on the coronavirus pandemic.

O’Rourke Lashes Out at GOP

The radical liberal lashed out at his home state’s Republican Party’s Gov. Greg Abbott and Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick on Tuesday. The leaders suggested that schools should reopen in the fall, which set off O’Rourke.

“This is one of the most craven, callous failures of leadership that I’ve ever witnessed in my life,” he said during an interview on MSNBC.

O’Rourke was a former Democratic presidential candidate and ran on taking away law-abiding citizens’ guns and being critical of almost every aspect of the GOP.

“We’re going to take your AR-15, your AK-47. We’re not going to allow it to be used against our fellow Americans anymore,” O’Rourke said in 2019.

Dem Talking Point: Guns, Guns, and More Guns

It didn’t take long before the failed presidential candidate went back on the topic of guns. 

“These are the same people who want us to accept that more people, including children, will die of gun violence this year in America than in any other developed country, bar none,” O’Rourke said about Republican leaders. “It’s just the price of quote-unquote freedom in this country.

“And in some ways, they’ve almost won that fight,” O’Rourke continued. “If you look at the gun laws that are on the books — and the gun laws that should be on the books and aren’t in this country — in some ways, we have tacitly accepted this historic, tragic level of gun violence in America that continues to rise. We saw that just over the weekend in many American cities.

“It’s that same kind of death cult mentality that asks us to accept one quarter, 25 percent, of the world’s COVID cases — one quarter, 25 percent, of the world’s COVID deaths — though we represent only 4 percent of the globe’s population.”

GOP and Democrats Divided Over Coronavirus

As the coronavirus brings forth unprecedented problems, political leaders have very different opinions on how to move forward. Many were quick to point out that shootings have taken over cities across the United States. It all has one thing in common – all these gun violence-ridden cities are under Democratic Party leadership. New York City, Baltimore, and Chicago are among the areas that continue to fall apart due to gun violence, yet they have some of the strictest Democrat enacted gun laws.

In the same MSNBC interview, O’Rourke called on Gov. Abbott to resign from his position even though Texas’ coronavirus numbers are relatively good considering the Lone Star state’s population.

GOP Doing Something Right with Texas

Texas currently ranks 14th in COVID-19 deaths even though it is the second-most populous state.

Fox News reports:

“As of late Wednesday, Texas – with a population of nearly 28 million people — had recorded fewer than 2,900 deaths since the pandemic began, compared to New York, which had more than 32,000 deaths for a population of 19.5 million, according to Johns Hopkins University.”

O’Rourke may call the GOP a “death cult,” but his failed political policies and ambitions show who the real devastation to American is.

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  1. How low can Beto’s IQ go? He is really stupid. Surprised that he can walk on his own.

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