Workers at TCF Center boarded up windows to the absentee ballot counting center November 4th..

A Literal Coverup: CHAOS Erupted In Detroit

Workers covered the windows to the absentee ballot count room at Detroit, Michigan’s TCF Center from public view on November 4, but chaos was erupting inside. Fox News correspondent Matt Finn reported.

Ballot count blocked and challengers removed

Windows were covered over and GOP challengers were removed during the absentee ballot count. “It led to some shoving matches or some fighting matches and that’s when police had to step in and escort people out of that absentee ballot counting room.”

It’s an astonishing turn in the most contested American election in over a century that poll challengers were led out by police after a heated disagreement that reportedly came to blows.

“There were some pretty tense moments inside of this room. Basically some poll workers or some of challengers told us that there was not an equal number of Democrats and Republicans in this room throughout the entire process,” Finn said.

The Detroit News Report sounded just like poll worker’s claims that both parties were beyond the legal maximum of 134 challengers with over 200 at the absentee ballot count from each side. An altercation began “when election workers told GOP challengers the party had hit its limit, some began shouting about the unfair process and lack of transparency. An unidentified election worker shouted back the group was at its maximum size.”

A different story

Republican challenger Nick Sinishtaj of Addison Township told a different story: “They’re escorting us out like bouncers for a nightclub,” he insists.

“When you walk in, they ask what party you’re affiliated with and as soon as you say GOP, they say, ‘Both are at capacity.’ Well, if that was the case, why did you ask what my party was in the first place?”

So, what do you get when you take an historic election that both the left and right view as an existential struggle and add inconsistently applied restrictions? You get the appearance of fraud and a stolen election in an age where American faith in the electoral process is already at its weakest. Gasoline, meet flame.

President Trump’s campaign responded to the video: “We need more transparency, not less.”

Transparency is the only cure for the crisis we find our selves in today. Sunlight is the best disinfectant they say. Only full transparency and a painstaking investigation of the election can salvage American’s faith in the validity of our elections.

  1. We’re running a fair and honest vote count here, but you’re going to have to take our word for it because we can’t allow others inside because of…you know, coronavirus. Everyone agrees that it is important to the integrity of the count to be fully transparent-it is patently clear that if it your intention to cheat, you can’t allow any eyes on the process. Democrats worked hard to earn the reputation for always and ever being willing to cheat in order to get anything they want and that sure as hell includes power. This election featured 53 million new voters and we are expected to believe Biden got half of those new votes while sequestered in his basement-Trump got half of the new voters by holding 14 or 15 rallies weekly (each with 30 or 40 thousand attendees) while Biden got the other half by holding one rally per week (attended by a dozen people, half of them reporters even though he refused to take questions). Ain’t buying it! It raises the question, if Biden actually did get those new voters, why the hell is it important to hide the counting process? Leftists expect us conservatives to accept this as fact-just as the low information voters on the left do-no matter how far fetched it is. If the reporters of the Democrat Party’s propaganda machine weren’t also low information voters, they would recognize they’ll never convince intelligent people that bovine excrement isn’t actually chocolate ice cream.

  2. The democrats will get away with fraud because the SCOTUS is to damn scared to do the correct thing. The thought of being packed or some how censored from the Democrats will make them to damn scared. My country has gone to hell.

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