Unhinged Leftists Attack Christian Faith of Trump Supporters

President Trump’s supporters and Christians are being maligned as leftist talking heads continue to attack the faith of conservatives. According to the USA Today, some 1,400 “faith leaders” have published an open letter entitled “Say ‘No’ to Christian Nationalism” condemning the “perversion” of their faith, what they are calling “Christian Nationalism”. The open letter even goes so far to describe the prayers and deep faith of President Trump’s statistically very Christian base as,

“susceptible to the heresy of Christian nationalism”

The letter from these so-called “faith leaders” makes a bold faced comparison between QAnon and the Proud Boys to more mainstream groups such as the Oathkeepers and 3 Percenters to the broad mainstream Trump voter whom they call “America Firsters”, comparing them all to the KKK and the Nazi Party.

“Just as it was tragically inconsistent for Christians in the 20th Century to support the Ku Klux Klan and Nazi ideology, it is unthinkable for Christians to support the Proud Boys, Oathkeepers, QAnon, 3 Percenters, America Firsters, and similar groups.”

This letter in a serious deviation from the principals of our founders (George Washington in particular) rejects the notion of America being “God’s chosen nation” instead appealing to a globalized church.


“Instead of seeing the United States as God’s chosen nation we thank God for the church around the world that calls people of all races, tongues and nations to the knowledge and love of God.”

Rev. Fred Davie, executive vice president of Union Theological Seminary in New York City told USA Today,

“The use of Christian symbols, iconography, Scripture in efforts to dominate and exclude are as old the republic itself,” Davie continued  “It’s deeply baked into our nation. It’s deep, but it’s also been proven time and time again to be wrong.”


Davie was a “faith liaison” to the Obama Administration and said “evangelicalism in particular has become associated with American nationalism, specifically white nationalism.” Seeing a pattern here? Just wait, it gets worse.

Author Cites Un-Indicted Terror Co-Conspirator CAIR As  Source On “Using Christianity to Justify Hate”

You Just Can’t Make This Up

To back up this baffling assertion that conservatives are using their Christian faith to forward a message of “hate” USA Today writer Trevor Hughes quoted and cited Edward Ahmed Mitchell, deputy executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations… on purpose. This is a group that is confirmed as an unindicted co-conspirator of Islamist Terrorism. As a judge found “ample evidence to establish the association” of the organization with Hamas, a known  terrorist organization and with a defunct charity convicted in the terrorism support case, the Holy Land Foundation.

Hughes wrote Ahmed Mitchell’s quote in full,

“For them, it’s just shorthand for identity,” “There absolutely is a connection between far-right political extremism and far-right religious extremism, but I doubt these people are showing up at church every Sunday and reading their Bibles.” Ahmed Mitchell continued later in the article, “You don’t have to go investigating churches. All you have to do is take seriously the violent rhetoric that’s being expressed out in the open,” he said. “The federal government, in our opinion, has never taken the threat of far-right religious extremists as seriously as they have Muslim extremists, who are far fewer.”

The CAIR leader wasn’t the only “source” to liken Christian Trump supporters to Islamist terrorists either. Hughes wrote, “Comparisons between al-Qaida and white nationalists who profess a twisted, extreme version of Christianity are apt, said Javed Ali, a former FBI and National Security Council analyst. Terror groups such as al-Qaida and the Islamic State group have cherry-picked from Islam to justify their violent attacks, said Ali, who teaches counterterrorism at the University of Michigan’s Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy.

“They were able to turn Islam into something very dark,” he said. “I see the same thing playing out in the far-right space: These symbols are being hijacked for a completely different purpose. And it helps justify their actions.”

Exactly The Kind Of Clergy You Would Think Of

Let’s take a quick look at the 1,400 some signatories of this “open letter”, because they are exactly the type of clergy you would expect: leftist activists politically opposed to Republicans and using their status as ‘ministers’ to advance their ideology.

Some Examples,

  1. Rev. Aaron Monts– Seattle, WA
  2. Rev. Aaron Strietzel– Durango, CO
    • Featured by the ACLU Under :Equal Protections for All” for LGBTQ advocacy.
    • “Rev. Strietzel has since dedicated his life to standing against discrimination and celebrating all people, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.”
    • “Discrimination in any form, by race, religion, sexual orientation, or gender identity, runs counter to my faith”
    • Former lead pastor of the “One Church– a progressive and inclusive nondenominational church”, which shuddered in 2019 and merged into “Resonance” headed by LGBT leaders Taleaha and Angie Von Slaughter which shut down in June 2020 amidst COVID.

How The Government Will Target You

Here are the checkboxes the Biden-Harris regime will have to tick to target you if they follow this train of thought to its’ logical conclusion.

  • Are you a Republican? ✔
  • Are you a Trump Voter? ✔
  • Are you a Christian? ✔
  • Do you Support the 2nd Amendment? ✔
  • Do you Support Freedom of Speech? ✔
  • Are you a Democrat? ✖
  • Are you a Biden or Clinton Voter? ✖
  • Do you Advocate for LGBTQ? ✖
  • Do you Support BLM? ✖
  • Do you Support Antifa? ✖



Here are your instructions!




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