Police Chief Under Investigation For Raiding Wrong Home

Galveston, Texas, Chief of Police Doug Balli gets an unscheduled 10-day vacation on administrative leave while the internal investigation unwinds. His SWAT team raided the wrong house. They were searching for a teenager in connection with a murder. They had that wrong, too. The suspect was “falsely accused.

Investigation of Police Chief

Every day, it seems there’s another story about investigators under investigation. From the FBI right on down to the individual precincts. Police have a huge target on their back to start with and what happened in Memphis, Tennessee, doesn’t make their job any easier.

We need law enforcement to keep the public safe from lawless anarchists. Thanks to the general deterioration of society, cops can’t seem to do any better at their crucial job than the kids behind the drive through window.

The city of Galveston, Texas, is “doing a separate investigation into the lapse of communication that led to the raid.” On January 22, a family was startled awake by “the sound of rubber bullets flying through their doors and windows in the middle of the night.

The panicked family thought it was a home invasion. It was. “The Galveston Police SWAT team was standing outside their door.” Thankfully, nobody was harmed.

Home security footage will eventually be used as evidence in the investigation. It shows “the four family members walking out of the home slowly with their hands up.” All four were “detained by officers without knowledge of why SWAT had even shown up.

Understandably, Erika Rios thought her son had been up to no good. That was a false accusation, too. “I literally kept asking my son, ‘What is going on? What is going on?’ I had no idea.” He was just as bewildered. “Mom, I don’t know, I don’t know.

Who’s Cameron?

Another thing the cops are being criticized for is the way “Rios’ daughter Chelsea was put in the back of a patrol car by herself.” It gave her an anxiety attack. “I needed to throw up. They let me step out, and they then told me they were only looking for Cameron, nothing else.” When she asked, “who’s Cameron?” the police started wondering if they messed up.

The investigation will look into it. It turned out that “the suspect was 17-year-old Cameron Vargas, who had an arrest warrant in connection with the January 20 murder of Malik Dunn. But since the raid was executed at the wrong home, Vargas was not there.

Eventually, Galveston PD found and arrested Vargas. They kept him in a cell on a $250,000 bond. Then, the investigation determined they had the wrong guy.

Detectives “eventually realized Vargas was not the murderer, and his charges were dropped on January 25.” His false arrest suit is reportedly under development. His mother gave the cops a piece of her mind.

We are completely disappointed in our police department and in their investigative process,” Terry Borrell notes in a formal statement. “This has been a traumatizing experience that no one should ever go through. We are glad our son’s innocence was proven, but he should have not spent one second in jail. Cameron is an amazing and respectful young man and did not deserve to be slandered and wrongfully accused or even seen as a suspect.

The investigation had been botched from the start. “The police wasted valuable time and resources on the wrong person. I hope that for the victim’s sake, and his family, they find the real murderer and go after the real criminals who lied to police and wrongfully accused my son.

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