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Rep. Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) just about had a meltdown when the Supreme Court released its presidential immunity ruling.

Keep in mind, virtually nothing new came from the decision, and the case itself got kicked back down to the lower courts.

That, however, did not stop AOC from whining to the media and declaring that she was going to try to impeach members of the court.

Get Her a Safe Space

AOC posted her intentions on X, stating, “The Supreme Court has become consumed by a corruption crisis beyond its control.

“Today’s ruling represents an assault on American democracy. It is up to Congress to defend our nation from this authoritarian capture.

“I intend on filing articles of impeachment upon our return.”

This is nothing more than grandstanding on the part of AOC because her effort will never be successful.

It will never get through the House and even if it did, there are not enough votes in the Senate to impeach any of the justices.

Not only that, but the narrative that was put forth by the liberal justices is just complete and utter garbage.

Suggesting that a president could have a political opponent assassinated by a SEAL Team is just asinine.

The left is out of their minds right now, but this is not surprising.

Whenever they are dealt a loss, they stomp their feet and start talking about stacking the court or impeaching someone.

At this point, I would hope the majority of the American people see through this charade.

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