Experts: Russia Probably Behind Self-Destructive ‘Green Energy’ Propaganda

There is almost no refuting that Russia has been supporting all this ‘green energy’ and the prohibition of fracking, drilling, and pipelines in the West. Both provide them significant benefits in the energy market which our corrupt liberal political leaders either couldn’t see or willfully ignored.

Nations like Saudi Arabia, Russia, Venezuela, and also other oil producers are more than happy to see the United States as energy-dependent as we are now.

This allows these nations to supply the oil and exploit as well as gas essential to keep the United States as well as European economic situations going. While the producers become rich, Americans, as well as Europeans, suffer– thanks to our inefficient politicians for enabling this to occur.

The same applies to China, that’s been exploiting this weak area in the US as well as European economic climates. China would like likewise to see the United States energy-dependent to make sure that the US does not obtain ahead of them in any kind of way.

The Gateway Pundit commented on how to stop America’s power self-reliance:

The best way to destroy America’s energy independence was to find corrupt politicians who were open to altering this matter. Of course, donations and dark money were likely part of the equation.   This and the propaganda in the public realm to help soften the insanity of energy dependence is the strategy for Russia and likely other countries and corrupt politicians.

President Trump shattered the belief that the US had to be energy-dependent and was unable to be independent.  Under his administration, the US was energy independent for the first time in decades.  Now the Biden gang is destroying the policy of energy independence.

The write-up that information Gatestone Institute’s report reviews Russia’s impact on energy policies in the West. Below are several of the recent events stated in the post:

  • “Germany and several other European countries have largely banned fracking. This has transformed European leaders into the equivalent of 16th-century naval explorers, praying for favorable winds and weather as energy prices rise and fall depending on cloud cover and wind conditions.” — Wall Street Journal editorial, October 20, 2021.
  • In the autumn of 2021, COP26, the UN climate conference, was setting up its grotesque spectacle: a kind of ecological Versailles. The rich, powerful, and virtuous of the planet gathered in Glasgow to pontificate to the citizenry of Western countries about how much we are harming the planet with our way of life. They arrived in their private jets to complain about the plague of air industry emissions. The British government’s Chief Scientific Adviser, Patrick Vallance, said that everyone should eat less meat and fly less. Then came the news that 400 private jets would be flying to the UN climate conference…
  • Russia, it turns out, has reportedly been promoting, often through “dark money” via Bermuda – which does not require donor countries to be named — “green” campaigns against nuclear power to ensure dependence by the West on imports of Russia’s fossil fuels.

The short article continues with its observations from a Wall Street Journal item:

“With winter fast approaching, Europe finds itself in an energy crisis—and reliant on the tender mercies of Russian strongman Vladimir Putin. It’s a self-induced disaster years in the making”.

That was just how an October 20, 2021 editorial in the Wall Street Journal started before Russia accumulated its soldiers on the Ukrainian border, and also no analyst or think container envisioned that the unthinkable was around the bend. The editorial proceeded:

“European leaders have handicapped themselves on energy in the name of pursuing a climate agenda that will have no effect on the climate but is raising energy prices, harming consumers and industry, and is now empowering the bullies in the Kremlin.

Record from The Gatestone Institute continues:

“As Europe was facing its own energy suicide and just before Putin began obliterating Ukraine, what was US Secretary of State John Kerry, the U.S. “climate czar”, concerned about? About the “massive emissions impact” of the war as well as its being a distraction from the fight against climate change. “I hope President Putin will help us to stay on track with respect to what we need to do for the climate,” he told the BBC.

Here is another scam: Not only do Germany and France have enough natural gas reserves to replace Russian gas for more than 20 years, but its extraction has been forbidden “for environmental reasons.”

In his Twitter blog post, journalist Michael Shellenberger kept in mind:.

“Russia has leveraged an economy half the size of Germany’s to end the post-Cold War era and defeat NATO

“It did so with aggression, natural gas, & nuclear

“America must produce massively more nuclear, natural gas, and oil, or liberal democratic Western civilization is dead”

We really can’t expect Biden and his cult to be interested in fixing all the troubles they have started. After all, the Bidens have a long history of Money first, Americans last. 

Resources: TheGatewayPunditWSJGatestone Institute

H/T Patriot Nation Press.

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