Report: NATO Terrified of Unstable US Leadership

NATO is getting ready to hold their 75th Summit. The celebration they have planned to welcome their new Secretary-General, Mark Rutte, is being ominously overshadowed by the U.S. presidential election. No matter who wins, European elites lose. They fully expect Donald Trump to ultimately prevail and they’re ready for that. They’ve been calling the deplorable nationalist unstable for years because he’s crazy enough to actually insist they pay their fair share. Pundits observe that they tapped the Dutch farm killer specifically to stand up to Trump. What’s making them nervous is the fact they’re counting on Joe Biden to do his part until January but he might be replaced a lot sooner.

NATO nervous says Clark

NATO member countries, declares has-been General Wesley Clark, “are keeping a close eye on American politics.” Especially, our handling of Ukraine. There’s no love lost between the former supreme commander of the alliance and Donald Trump.

He told The Hill that Europeans “view former President Trump’s potential handling of the war in Ukraine” as “dangerous” and “concerning.

That’s why NATO was hoping Joe Biden would come across with a whole bunch of arms and cash. It didn’t happen. Congress seems to have a mind of their own. It’s starting to look like Joe can’t even hang on to his job.

Once Donald Trump gets back into the White House, he’s going to expect them to fund some of Ukraine’s war. The last time he was in office, he shook them down to pay up, or forget about any defense when the chips are down. They really don’t like him.

They don’t trust him. They don’t understand why he’s saying this. They think it might have something to do with his relationship with Vladimir Putin,” Clark postulates. “They’re concerned, really worried, because, for us, NATO is an ocean away. For them, Russia is next door.

Leaders of all the nations “vowed to supply Ukraine with weapons” but they don’t have any money to pay for them. That’s where Joe Biden comes in.

Joe Biden was supposed to do his part by convincing Congress to fund their “minimum baseline” of Ukraine support.

Another $43 billion

Joe Biden was supposed to do his part by convincing Congress to fund their “minimum baseline” of Ukraine support. All they want is the same amount they spent last year, $43 billion. “Ukraine is not going to get an invitation to join NATO at this point, but Ukraine is gonna get a pledge of continued support with ammunition and so forth,” Clark explains. Not only did Congress trim Ukraine out of the budget, Joe’s clearly lost his mind.

Since he won’t take the mental exam to prove everyone wrong, it proves they’re right. Biden’s unfit to hold office and is about to be replaced any day. While it’s guaranteed that Kamala Harris would hold the keys until January, there’s no way she’s going to beat Trump. At least with Joe, they had a slight chance. Meanwhile, Joe’s handlers are trying to pull a “Weekend at Bernie’s” to prop Joe up.

All 32 member countries are “concerned,” as “dissent is growing in the Democratic Party, with President Joe Biden’s health having the potential to overshadow the alliance’s message.

When the press tried to corner outgoing Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg on the issue, he “sidestepped questions about the president’s mental acuity.” There’s only one option, punt. “We can focus on the substance of NATO. And that’s exactly what we’ll do.

Clark explained that Stoltenberg really has an opinion, he just can’t talk about it. “He doesn’t want to get into the internal politics of the United States at this point,” Clark assures.

He’s just, he’s saying he’s got confidence in the United States, we’re gonna make important decisions.” Important decisions like how to make them to come up with the cash to fund their own NATO obligations.

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