Video: Disrespectful Mainstream Media ‘Reporters’ Burst Out Yelling at Vice President Mike Pence

Mainstream media reporters, if that’s what you choose to call them, started throwing a huge tantrum when Vice President Mike Pence finished a coronavirus task force briefing.

Reporters Scream at VP Pence

On Thursday, Vice President Pence decided not to take questions from the room full of fake news reporters when he concluded the briefing in the White House press briefing room.

“Do your part to put the health of your family, the health of your neighbors, the health of the people in your community first,” Pence said at the conclusion of the press briefing. “We are all in this together, and as I’ve said many times from this podium over many, many months, I know that with the cooperation of the American people, with our incredible doctors and nurses and first responders, with the extraordinary partnership of federal and state and local health officials, and with God’s help, we will get through this and we will get through this together.”

Joe Biden Gets Five Star Treatment

While “reporters” have given Joe Biden nothing but respect and fluffy questions such as what ice cream he eats, Pence was met with hysteria and utter rudeness. As the vice president turned to exit the room, reporters began to violently scream at him.


When Biden has continuously refused to answer questions at the end of news conferences, while in the middle of the Hunter Biden scandal, no reporters have ever treated him with the same conduct they showed the current vice president.

Fake News Gets Worse

One reporter’s voice can be heard screaming:

“Are you undermining a democratic election?” the reporter appeared to yell. “All of you need to answer that. What is going that you’re not working with the presidential [inaudible]?”

“You’re all part of not recognizing democracy,” the reporter shouted. “You’re all undermining the democratic election, every one of you.”

The more time that passes, the more the fake news media loses it over having real news be brought to light. 

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