Low Key July 4 Patriotism Barely on Display in Nation’s Capitol

You won’t see Joe Biden attending any displays of national patriotism this Independence Day. Joe really hates the idea that the U.S.A. is still a sovereign nation. His handlers want one big global government without any borders. They allow him to manage this part of it as a sort of “governor.” Brussels doesn’t really care what title Joe gives himself, as long as he follows orders and signs what he’s supposed to sign. Donald Trump didn’t get that memo. It’s a good thing he’ll be in charge when July 4, 2026, rolls around. Trump is definitely a patriot and he can’t wait to celebrate Lady Liberty’s 250th birthday. It’s going to be a huge bash even if nobody can pronounce “Semiquincentennial.

Low key patriotism

There will be fireworks, parades and other celebrations of American patriotism at the National Capitol this Independence Day, same as always. Democrats acknowledge that the day must be celebrated but they don’t go out of their way to participate.

It’s guaranteed to bring the MAGA types out in full force, wearing red, white and blue all over the place and acting like we still have a constitution with rights and all that malarkey.

It’s a good thing that the National Park Service is in charge of the celebration instead of the administration. Patriotism is a dirty word to Progressives. This year’s celebration at the Capitol will be centered around the National Mall. It was pretty much designed for the purpose.

With the long reflecting pool, it’s “the nation’s most important civic space.” It’s also “home to more than a dozen memorials that commemorate great Americans and significant events in the nation’s history.

While there are countless events and activities planned, most Americans are interested in the parade, the concert and the fireworks.

Every year, the National Independence Day Parade kicks off the display of patriotism. Later in the day, the annual “star-studded” Capitol Fourth concert occurs on the West Lawn of the Capitol. After the sun goes down, expect “one of the largest fireworks displays in the nation.

Expect one of the largest fireworks displays in the nation.

Calling junior spies

Along with all the national patriotism, it seems that Christopher Wray isn’t wasting the opportunity to groom a fresh generation of FBI informants. All “junior spies” are invited to “report to the Sylvan Theater and use the password ‘Operation Independence!‘ to embark on a scavenger hunt and learn about spying techniques during the American Revolution.

Some say those who round up everything on their list will be clued in on the advanced techniques used on January 6, 2021. Maybe offered an undercover spot with the Federal Bureau of Instigation.

This year’s musical extravaganza will begin at 8:00 p.m., hosted by Alfonso Ribeiro. Entertainment will be provided by “Smokey Robinson, Fantasia, Darren Criss, Shela E., the National Symphony Orchestra and many more.

If you can’t enjoy the patriotism there personally, the whole thing will be “broadcast live on PBS stations across the country.

Thanks to the Park Service, each year’s Independence Day “culminates with a spectacular fireworks display over the National Mall.” The patriotism of the “rocket’s red glare” is “launched from the area of the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool and will be visible from many locations throughout D.C. and Northern Virginia.

That display of patriotism “can also be viewed live online via the Trust for the National Mall’s Monument Cam, in partnership with Earth Cam and the National Park Service.

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