Former U.S. Navy Admiral Drops Bombshell

A former US Navy admiral has recently come forward to share a shocking revelation. Whether or not you choose to believe him however, is entirely up to you.

As strange as it may sound, there is a possibility that an extraterrestrial base could be located off the coast of California. Recent reports from former U.S. Navy Rear Admiral Tim Gallaudet suggest this might be the case after he conducted a survey of the region near Catalina Island, California which has previously had reports of high levels of UFO sightings, including one known as the Nimitz encounter.

This survey yielded some surprising results – an underwater anomaly in the shape of a wedge was found which Gallaudet can’t attribute to any natural causes. His speculation is that this could potentially be evidence for some form of interaction between Underwater Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (UAP) and the seafloor or even alien infrastructure located beneath our seas.

Gallaudet has already received funding from Netflix for an expedition to this site though he won’t reveal exact coordinates until further research has been done to confirm his theories and rule out other potential explanations such as geological activity caused by rising sea levels following Last Glacial Maximum (LGM).

It’s possible that these findings could lead us towards uncovering lost civilizations which were wiped out by oceanic flooding many years ago, if true then this would truly be a monumental discovery in our understanding of human history and our place in space/time continuum.

We may not know what lies beneath until we dive deep down into these depths ourselves but whatever discoveries come from it will certainly serve to advance humanity’s knowledge about life beyond Earth and life here at home on planet Earth too.

While no concrete evidence exists yet to prove anything conclusively, only time will tell how far we can go with these investigations and if indeed they do lead us to another world right here at home beneath our own oceans.

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