Police Begin ARRESTING Convoy Protesters

Arrests have been  made as police begin to crack down on the Freedom Convoy protest in Ottawa. The city’s mayor has declared a state of emergency and enacted measures to cut off support from the protesters. Members of the public who support the truck drivers by attempting to resupply them with fuel will be arrested, city authorities say. The Freedom Convoy has been present in the Canadian capital for more than a week now.

Police begin to cut off supplies

One video from the protest area showed a large crowd chanting “shame” as a group of police officers walked through the Freedom Convoy camp.

The main focus of the police in recent days has been to eliminate the protesters’ supplies and ensure that the truckers are cut off from fuel.

The Ottawa and Canadian governments have desperately been searching for a legal justification to support an authoritarian crackdown on the protesters, but thus far nothing has justified the kind of force they want to employ.

The protesters have been almost universally peaceful and nonthreatening. Police are now employing vague legal justifications to arrest citizens attempting to bring additional fuel.

Many of the truck drivers have said that they intend to remain in the city until the government agrees to their demands. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who has been in hiding since the protest began, has adamantly refused to meet with them.

The protest began with opposition to a vaccine mandate for truckers crossing the border between Canada and the United States, but it quickly settled on Trudeau as the target for much of its anger.

Protesters threatened with military intervention

Supported by the far-left media, liberals in the Canadian government have begun to describe the peaceful protest movement as an “occupation” and an “insurrection.”

It’s become disturbingly obvious what the goal is now, and it is becoming clear that the only lives that are in any danger are those of the protesters.

The rhetoric being used is intended to paint the Freedom Convoy as a Canadian January 6, necessitating a violent response from the government.

Government officials in Ottawa and elsewhere have called for the Canadian military to be deployed against the protesters, and the Ottawa police chief has explicitly stated that “military aid” is being considered.

Despite all of this hysteria, violence at the protests has been practically non-existent. Claims of widespread harassment and intimidation have not been substantiated by evidence beyond hearsay.

The Freedom Convoy has already inspired imitators in the United States, Europe, and New Zealand. Canadian liberals hope that their nightmare is almost over, but for leftist governments elsewhere this may be just the beginning.

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