What California Is Doing To Private Property Owners Is Absolutely Criminal

California landowners have just been informed that they will be charged for drawing water out of their own wells hat they use on their very own property.

Apparently the fees are hundreds of dollars, with an addition 25% penalty for those who don’t pay on time.

According to a close source to San Diego, California Globe received a letter that had been secretly handed to owners of private wells.

California is marching toward a world where those with wells on their own property will be required to put a meter on them and pay the government,” writes the source. “Because in their world, the government owns everything and we’re just renters.”

The letter was originally sent in late July and was signed by Natalie Stork, the Chief of Groundwater Management Program Unit 1.

The letter reads, “Landowners whose property is within an unmanaged area and contains an operating ground water extraction well must report the volume of groundwater extracted from the well. The groundwater extraction volume must be reported as a monthly total. In addition to pumping volumes, reports must include the location of the well and the place and purpose of use of the groundwater. Groundwater extraction reports are not due to the state water board until February 1, 2023. However, if you are required to report, the report must include pumping volumes for each month between the date of receipt of this letter and September 30, 2022.”

They’re sending out letters to property owners saying they must declare they use just two acre feet, If they use more they must pay an annual fee of $300 for each well plus they must meter the water and send in a monthly usage report and pay a fee for water that is pumped starting in Feb 2023. What a great racket! The government provides no service, no support, no product, doesn’t even do the billing! That’s all on citizens. All is cash the check,” said the source who received the letter.

According to two recipients of the letter report, there has yet to be any coordinated opposition to the private property grab. Although one source has predicted that the minor fees will go up and inevitably cause an uproar from locals.

“The fees may seem small today, but they always start small. Then they’ll ratchet up. Similarly, while this excludes light domestic users, it won’t for long,” the letter recipient said.

Sources: Dailywire, Rifnote, Investmentwatchblog


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