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Explosive Mike Lindell News Breaks

It looks like the persecution of MyPillow CEO and staunch supporter of former President Donald Trump, Mike Lindell, continues, as he has just come under fire for shocking new allegations. In the face of various other hardships he’s been forced to face, now the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is now reportedly investigating his employment practices.

This comes after his bank accounts have been closed, his factory equipment was auctioned off, networks have refused to air his commercials, defamation lawsuits were filed against him and American Express reduced his credit line by 90%.

Now even more concerningly, the Internal Revenue Service is reportedly investigating employment practices at call centers owned by Mr. Lindell’s company – specifically those employing remote workers like stay-at-home mothers and others who may have been hired under contract labor in various states across America during COVID-19 restrictions when many people were out of work with no other options available to them financially.

It appears this isn’t even the first time the IRS has audited Mike Lindell’s business either; earlier this year he announced another audit which is likely also related back to his fight for election fraud awareness among Americans.

It’s becoming increasingly clear that large tech companies are trying to silence conservatives. This attack on Mike Lindell’s business appears to be part of a larger scheme to undermine efforts to secure American elections.

This is especially concerning in light of the fact that our election results may be tampered with in order for President Trump not to be reelected.

Despite all this oppression from big tech companies, Mike Lindell remains adamant about fighting back against censorship. He believes that if we don’t secure our elections then it will be impossible for President Trump to remain in office.

While being interviewed by Steve Bannon during War Room Podcast he stated “We have to secure our elections…and they know that…that’s why this attack Steve, they turned the attack up on MyPillow this last month and a half probably as high as it’s ever been since all the retailers canceled us”.

Clearly Mr. Lindell is determined to protect our rights as Americans no matter what obstacles are placed before him.

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