Obama Judge Denies Trump Campaign’s Lawsuit – Ignores 20 Binders Of Evidence

Obama Judge Denies Trump Campaign’s Lawsuit – Ignores 20 Binders Of Evidence

In yet another case of biased judges ruling in favor of the establishment, an Obama-appointed judge has denied the Trump campaign’s lawsuit.

Many Americans would like to believe that judges are non-partisan and fair, but they are quickly learning that this is not the case anymore. Loyalty to the Constitution and to the American people has been traded for loyalty to the Democrat narrative.

The Trump campaign legal team presented hundreds of affidavits and 20 binders worth of proof of election fraud to Nevada First Judicial District Court Judge James Russell.


As many on the right expected and feared, the Carson City judge threw out the Trump campaign’s lawsuit on Friday.

In his decision, Judge Russell ruled that the evidence presented by the legal team has “little value.”


The evidence was presented to the judge by Trump campaign lawyer Jesse Binnall, and included the fact that 1,506 votes cast in the election came from dead voters. He also alleged that 2,468 votes were cast by voters who changed their address to another state or country, 42,284 people voted TWICE, and 20,000 people voted in Nevada without a Nevada mailing address.

The Nevada GOP posted a video on Twitter of 20 binders, alleging that they all contained evidence provided to the court. The tweet read: “We have 20 binders containing 8,000 pages of evidence that will be presented in just a few minutes showing what took place this election in Nevada!”

Prior to the judge’s decision, Jesse Binall made multiple statements about the fraud he was alleging. “In the dead of night, votes appeared and votes reappeared without explanation, and there is no good explanation,” Binnall said.

“This election was unfortunately stolen. We cannot turn a blind eye with evidence like this. We cannot allow an election to be stolen,” the attorney added.

The fact that this judge completely dismissed all of the information provided in the lawsuit shows that the legal system in this country is broken, along with the voting system.

Even if none of the allegations are true, the mountain of evidence that has been brought forward after this election should have at least been investigated and proven true or false.

Without being provided with all of the facts, and the results of investigations into the allegations, how can the American people ever trust in the integrity of future elections?

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