Another Batch of 40,000 Duplicate Votes Discovered

Another Batch of 40,000 Duplicate Votes Discovered

The Trump campaign has filed a lawsuit including evidence of people voting twice, and votes being cast on behalf of deceased individuals.

The lawsuit, which was filed on behalf of the Trump campaign and electors, is an attempt to prevent Nevada’s electors from casting their votes for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

Judge James Russell has not entered his decision yet, saying that he needed to review all of the evidence presented to him. He is set to reveal his decision today.


Trump campaign lawyer Jesse Binnall told Judge Russell that 1,506 votes cast in the election came from dead voters. He also alleged that 2,468 votes were cast by voters who changed their address to another state or country, 42,284 people voted TWICE, and 20,000 people voted in Nevada without a Nevada mailing address.

Joe Biden is only beating President Trump in Nevada by 33,569 votes. If these allegations presented by the Trump campaign are true, it could overturn the results in the state.

On Twitter, the Nevada GOP posted a video of 20 binders, alleging that they all contained evidence provided to the court. The tweet read: “We have 20 binders containing 8,000 pages of evidence that will be presented in just a few minutes showing what took place this election in Nevada!”


According to Binnall, the evidence was partially obtained through records from the DMV. He alleged that Clark County failed to secure voting machines, and that there was limited security during the process of moving data from the machines into the county’s system.

“In the dead of night, votes appeared and votes reappeared without explanation, and there is no good explanation,” Binnall said.

“This election was unfortunately stolen. We cannot turn a blind eye with evidence like this. We cannot allow an election to be stolen,” the attorney added.

Conservatives around the country are voicing their concerns about voter fraud and irregularities in the 2020 election, and are standing up for President Trump and his right to ask for investigations into the allegations. Many are concerned that, if the allegations are not investigated, the American people may lose faith in the voting system.

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