Report: Nashville Attack Begins Looking More and More Odd

In the early morning hours of Christmas day, an RV began to broadcast a message urging evacuation of the area before exploding in downtown Nashville. Details have emerged that make the Attack look more and more odd.
According to the Associated Press “Authorities have found human remains in the vicinity of the explosion that rocked downtown Nashville early Christmas morning.” It is unknown at this time if victim or perpetrator, or had anything at all to do with the attack. The explosion shattered windows, damaged buildings, and wounded three civilians. One officer was knocked down to the ground by the explosion, while another had temporary hearing loss, police said.
The Epoch Times reported,
“All buildings in this area must be evacuated now,” a voice could be heard in the video. “If you can hear this message, evacuate now,” the warning continued, before the blast occurred.

Those who planned the Attack gave Warning

The audible warning can be heard on surveillance, it has also been reported that shots were fired in the area drawing the attention of Metro-Nashville Police. Buck McCoy told Politico that he heard gunfire “15 minutes before the explosion rocked his building set cars in the street on fire and blew trees apart.”

Communications were Severely Impacted

Politico has reported that the an AT&T central office exchange was damaged in the attack along with the network equipment inside. This caused outages across central Tennessee and several police agencies lost 911 service. Flights from Nashville were also grounded.

“We do not know if that was a coincidence, or if that was the intention,” police spokesman Don Aaron said. He said earlier that some people were taken to the department’s central precinct for questioning but declined to give details.

The Epoch Times spoke to FBI spokesman Joel Siskovic, who indicated The bureau will be taking the lead in the investigation. “Federal investigators from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives were also on the scene. The FBI is the primary law enforcement agency responsible for investigating federal crimes, such as explosives violations and acts of terrorism.”

President Trump’s Deputy Assistant Judd Deere tweeted that President Trump “has been briefed on the explosion in Nashville, Tennessee, and will continue to receive regular updates. The President is grateful for the incredible first responders and praying for those who were injured.”

Coincidences or Connections?

Between the audible warnings broadcast prior to the blast, the potentially coincidental impact on the communications infrastructure and grounding of aircraft in the area one could assign a military character to this attack but that could be premature. It is however, undeniable that Tennessee is along the “battle-lines” so to speak in the current extremely high tensions.


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