The assessment that there is a massive political Red Wave on the horizon is inescapable now. Ten seats in the House of Representatives could be flipped due to redistricting alone, another 47 seats are classified by the RNCC as “vulnerable” and are being targeted and eight seats in the evenly split Senate are up for grabs. Three of the most prominent Democrat Governors: Gretchen Whitmer, Andrew Cuomo and Gavin Newsom in the country are facing serious challenges in 2022, Newsom is facing a recall against Caitlyn Jenner and possibly Randy Quaid amongst others, Cuomo cannot be recalled by the NY Constitution and efforts to recall Whitmer were unfortunately abandoned.

Healing the Rift in the GOP

On Fox Business’ Mornings with Maria, Bartiromo asked RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel, where she sees commonalities between the divided Republican members of Congress. That divide was highlighted by the recent rift between RINO etablishment led by GOP Conference Chair Liz Cheney which has found her on the wrong side of House Minority Whip Steve Scalise and Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy.

“There’s so much commonality. We’re watching the Biden administration, you guys are talking about the capital gains tax, things like HR1, things that will decimate our economy, Democrats want to get rid of the filibuster. We’re four seats away from taking a majority in the House and creating a stop on the Biden administration and the rampant progressive policies that will bankrupt this country.”

Sweeping Away Whitmer in The Red Wave

Bartiromo also pressed McDaniel about a her potential candidacy to challenge Whitmer for her home state of Michigan, the RNC Chair told the story of her two children who are schooling from home and spoke of their “lost year” and how Whitmer is failing the children of Michigan while buddying up to Dr. Fauci and the Biden-Harris regime.

Ronna told Bartiromo,

“She is on the Sunday shows. she is loving Dr. Fauci. she is forgetting the kids of Michigan who are put at a distinct disadvantage by having this education gap compared to states that are open. It will affect them on standardized tests next year, not to mention the mental health and other issues that are coming by not following the science and getting our kids back in school.

It is a lost year. and I watch my son do his classes on zoom. we petitioned the school and said can he go to the hybrid model where he goes every other day, and they said no. Nobody is putting the kids’ interest first, certainly not my Governor, certainly not my school district.

The thing is, next year he takes the ACT and the SAT and he’s going to be competing against Florida and Texas and Indiana and Ohio and neighboring school districts of ours where kids are getting five days a week in-person learning. What they are doing to our kids is definitely setting them back and no one’s talking about it.

And that’s why I’m calling out Gretchen Whitmer come back to Michigan, stop being a media darling, stop being the darling of the Biden administration and actually do the job you ran for as governor of Michigan and fight for kids like mine and the public schools. “

Clearly Governor Whitmer is more interested in advancing her career by sidling up to the Democrat-Socialists of the Biden-Harris regime than actually governing, similarly Andrew Cuomo seemed more interested in Presidential aspirations. Who can say what Gavin Newsom’s excuse is? (pure incompetence is on the table though).


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