New Gun Law Reform Coming in THIS State as Dems Look to Strip Citizens

Palace plans to grab each and every gun from the hands of all the deplorable patriots are moving full speed ahead. Alleged lawmakers in one liberal-leaning state are throwing one scheme after another against the wall, hoping some of their radical reforms will stick. Revolutionary conservative citizens are telling them where else they can stick it.

Gun grabbing galore

On Thursday, Colorado legislators stunned their conservative Second Amendment supporting citizens by declaring three more ways they plan to gradually take away their rights.

Instead of addressing the underlying causes which led to the mass shooting at a King Soopers grocery store in Boulder, the nanny-state New World Order sympathizers want to grab every gun off the street. They know they can’t do it all at once, so they’re “boiling the frog” and doing it so slowly nobody is supposed to notice. People are noticing.

These three new bills join the pile started by Democrats since the beginning of the year. Left-leaning Governor Jared Polis already singed two measures into law. HB21-1106 requires “the safe storage of firearms in homes and SB21-078 makes it a crime if you don’t report a lost or stolen gun.

Those seem harmless enough on the face of it but they’re just the beginning. Deplorable Pepe the frog won’t feel the heat as it goes up gradually. The next thing they want to legislate is a way to “prevent some domestic abusers from keeping their guns.” Oh, “you had an argument?” Snatch. Criminalize guns and only criminals will have them.

Democrats have been threatening more rights-infringing laws for weeks and they made good on that threat Thursday. The first thing they do is give themselves more power.

SB21-256 allows “local governments to pass guns laws that go beyond the state’s.” Then they use “HB21-1298 to strengthen the background-check process.” The idea of HB21-1299 is “to create an Office of Gun Violence Prevention.” That office has already been tasked with providing “education about the state’s ‘red-flag’ law.”

No ban on assault weapons

Those in the know point out that it’s significant that the Democrats didn’t try to include two items which have become pet schemes for the liberals. Banning assault weapons and mandatory gun waiting periods.

They’ve been kicking those around since the start of the session but there isn’t a word about any of it in what hit the table Thursday.

The local arms control bill is sponsored by two Democrats who both represent Boulder. They’re still cheesed off that right before the King Soopers massacre, “a Boulder County District Court judge blocked the city from enforcing its 2018 ban on ‘assault-style weapons’ and magazines with a capacity to accept 10 or more rounds.”

Simply because the 2003 version of their legislature created a “state law that preempts local gun restrictions.”


If the liberals get their way anyone “convicted of certain violent misdemeanors” won’t be allowed to own a firearm for five years. They say it would have prevented King Soopers.

That assumes he wouldn’t have obtained a weapon some other way. They also think it closes their alleged “Charleston loophole.” That one let “the man who killed nine people at a South Carolina church in 2015 to purchase his gun.” The crips and bloods will be sure to comply.

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