This Model is Said to Have the ‘Perfect Body’, Here’s What She Looks Like in Her 40s

This model has made headlines countless times after her body was deemed ‘perfect’ according to men and women alike. And after seeing pictures of her from decades ago, it is easy to see why. Now, she’s hit her 40s and you should see her now.

Kelly Brook, known professionally as Kelly Brook, has become one of the world’s most renowned models and media personalities. From her modeling work in the United Kingdom to her acting roles in both the US and abroad, Kelly is well-known for her beauty and hourglass figure that have been turning heads for over a decade.

In 2011, she was even voted as having the best bikini body of the year. But what makes Kelly so perfect? Researchers at the University of Texas conducted a study that found that she had “the perfect figure” with height, measurements, and proportions without ever undergoing plastic surgery.

So it appears that Kelly Brook is indeed perfection personified.

So how does Kelly maintain such an enviable physique? She revealed that having “a bit of meat on her bones” made her feel sexier. While this contradicts societal norms which usually dictate that being thinner means being more beautiful, it seems to be working out very well for her.

What’s more impressive is that while she admits to fluctuating in weight over the years, she still feels confident and comfortable with whichever size she happens to be at any given time.

For example when she reached size 16 after losing her dad in 2007 – although not feeling healthy or beautiful – she still felt sexy again after dropping two dress sizes back down.

At 40 years old now, Kelly has grown more confident with age about caring less about how people perceive her looks and instead focusing on comfort above all else. In fact at one point photographers encouraged her to slim down when they told her to “breathe in” during red carpet appearances – but thankfully this jolt motivated Kelly to get back into shape while still maintaining a double digit dress size which is considered healthier than anything too extreme or drastic.

This goes against many beauty standards pushed by society today where women often feel like they need to give themselves eating disorders just so they can fit some sort of ideal mold – something which we should all take note from.

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