Lindsay Graham Makes EXPLOSIVE Announcement, and It’s Not Good for Nancy

South Carolina’s conservative Senator Lindsay Graham demands to know what Nancy Pelosi knew about the barbarian invasion of the Capitol and when she knew it. He also announced on Wednesday that the Democrat case for impeachment against former President Donald Trump is getting weaker by the day.

Nancy Pelosi in the spotlight

Democrats aren’t real happy with the way the kangaroo court is going and things got even worse for progressives when Senator Lindsay Graham started asking pointed questions about what Nancy Pelosi knew ahead of the well timed and extremely suspicious Capitol invasion incident.

The House Speaker is drawing attention away from Trump and giving him some cover at the same time.


According to Graham, the Democrat impeachment case is coming apart at the seams and the trial is like watching a train wreck in progress. “The whole storyline, originally, was Trump created this with his speech,” the conservative notes.

“Now we know that people had this on their mind before he spoke.” It seems like nasty Nancy and her cronies are playing some “bizarre game of trying to get Trump in on it before January 6.” That’s exactly why, Graham insists, “you don’t want to have snap impeachments.”

New details emerging about what happened, that fateful day, apparently on “Q,” suggest that it may have been an inside job. Getting in was way too easy. Security was strangely absent. It’s been confirmed that Psychological Warfare Captain Emily Rainey was in D.C. with 100 others she bused in.


One of the rioters is an intelligence consultant with top secret clearance who used to work for the FBI. Now, Lindsay Graham wants to know if Nancy Pelosi knew about the planned invasion ahead of time. That could be why her laptop was such a prime target.

FBI had issued a warning

It has been previously reported by the Washington Post that ahead of the barbarian invasion, “the FBI office in Virginia issued a warning that extremists were headed to Washington, D.C. for ‘war.'” Nancy Pelosi certainly got that bulletin. Then there are the pipe bombs.

A matching pair, one for each party headquarters, discovered right about time the invasion started, drawing police away from the Capitol Building. They weren’t put there after Former President Trump’s speech. They were planted the day before.

Because those things all by themselves indicate that Trump’s speech the day of the false-flag operation could not have “led to the unrest,” Lindsay Graham has one burning question.

“What did Nancy Pelosi know and when did she know it?” He’s firm that anyone who broke into the Capitol should be punished and the vast majority of Americans agree, but the insurrection that day is way too suspicious to be used as a basis for impeachment.

House Imperialists made it equally clear on Wednesday that they’ll dig something up to use against Trump, one way or another. “They showed piles of evidence from the former president himself and hundreds of Trump tweets.”

He dared to question the integrity of the election, an opinion shared by millions of like minded conservatives. That makes him their absolute ruler and responsible for every action every conservative American takes on their own. Nancy Pelosi can’t stand conservatives.

Welcome to the brave new world order, Nancy Pelosi declares. Democrats are partying like it’s 1984. The impeachment prosecutors are arguing that Trump’s words were part of “the big lie.” That’s what Democrats call “the TRUTH.”

They’re horrified over “his relentless efforts to sow doubts about the election results,” because that encouraged his followers to “stop the steal.” There were piles of evidence demonstrating substantial fraud but nobody would open their eyes to see it, so it doesn’t exist. “Hey, wiretap, what’s the recipe for pancakes?”

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