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The Biden Gaffe That Is NOT So Funny

In another incident of Democrats pandering, Joe Biden was widely slammed over another gaffe, where he decided to use music to attempt to connect with Latino voters.

Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden is being criticized for playing a Spanish ‘sex song’ at an event to commemorate Hispanic Heritage Month.

“I just have one thing to say. Hang on here,” Biden said as he attempted to figure out how to use his phone.

He then played “Despacito”, a song that was at the top of the charts a few years ago. Despacito translates to ‘slowly’ in English. The song is extremely sexual and graphic.

The song, translated into English, says (warning—explicit lyrics):

“I want to breathe in your neck slowly
Let me murmur things in your ear
So that you remember if you’re not with me
I want to undress you in kisses slowly
Firmly in the walls of your labyrinth
And of your body, I want to create a manuscript
Up, up, up, up
I want to see your hair dance
I want to be your rhythm
Want you to show my mouth
Your favorite places (Favorite, favorite baby)
Let me trespass your danger zones
Until I make you scream
And you forget your last name
We’re gonna do it on a beach in Puerto Rico
Until the waves scream Oh Lord”

Twitter’s Reaction

Former Republican congressional candidate Catalina Lauf tweeted about the irony of a candidate nicknamed ‘Slow Joe’ playing a song titled ‘Slowly’. Her tweet read: “In general, this is beyond patronizing. But are we surprised he picked the song with the title ‘Slowly?’ Really embodies the whole theme of his campaign, really #SlowSinkingShip”

Harmeet Dhillon, trial lawyer tweeted: “Oh my God this is so cringe. Please people stop abusing this old man.”

Political commentator Jeff Giesea tweeted that Biden’s gaffe shows how Democrats treat minorities, stating: “Democrats treat minorities like pets, Biden edition. This is at the kick off of Hispanic heritage month. Memo to Biden: Castizos want law and order.”

Journalist Dania Alexandrino tweeted about the blatant pandering: “Yeah, because playing a song that has a sexual connotation, no matter how popular it became, is really going to convince Latinos! Does he think Hispanics are so superficial they make decisions based on what songs you like? Good Grief, what an insult! Stop pandering!”

Even Leftists are Complaining

Sema Hernandez, far-left activist tweeted: “I love that song, but when Biden plays it I think back to the very credible story of Tara Reade recounting the sexual abuse she suffered while working for Biden. It’s really disturbing. Make it stop.”

Walker Bragman, another left-wing activist said: “It’s insulting how little Democrats think they need to do…”

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